A Critical Analysis of the Impact of Leadership on Business – A Case Study of Apple (2015)

The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the importance and effect of leadership on business. It has been identified that an effectual leadership is an indispensable requirement in a competitive and a strategic business environment for achieving organisational goals. In simple words, an effective leadership makes a business successful and helps it to grow and build a noticeable market place. A successful leadership is a vital component of every business that enables it to fulfil its mission and achieve its objectives effectually. Advancement and innovation has conventionally changed the extent of requirements of the business.

In addition, globalisation has torn down the geographic boundaries and business barriers that once bounded the businesses from attaining their potential. On the other hand, now businesses not only have several opportunities to grow but they have many responsibilities as well in terms of leadership, management, production and delivery.

The motivation behind the research was to compile authentic and relevant information and knowledge about the research problem (impact of leadership on business) and then with the help of this literature and knowledge the researcher aims to provide a valid and useful study for the readers. Leadership is one of the major components of the business in present era where competition is getting more worst with the passage of time.

An effective, capable and intelligent leader is a guarantee of success for the business. The dissertation is seeks to analyse the impact of leadership on business by producing a case study of Apple. In addition, this study would be helpful for start-ups and entrepreneurs who are aiming to be successful and get a favourable market place. On the other hand, this study would help technology companies in terms of reacting to the rapid changes due to innovation as an effectual leadership can recognise these capabilities in human resources and improve the performance of the business.

The research of this study will gather information and data about the leadership within Apple Inc. and its impact on the business. The selected topic is very interested and important too as it is one of the major issues of companies. However, Apple Inc. has been influenced by its late and well-known leader Steve Jobs and he is considered as a major reason of the growth and success of the company. Besides, the lack of leadership capabilities within Apple Inc. would be also discussed in this study.

Dissertation Objectives
The research objectives of this research study are as follow that would be defined by the researcher with the help of arguments:

  • To measure the importance of leadership
  • To evaluate effect of leadership on human resources
  • To analyse the impact of leadership on overall business
  • To analyse leadership style and its impact on the performance and effectiveness of Apple
  • To recommend few applicable suggestions for Apple
  • 12,000 words – 54 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Research Background
Background of the Organisation
Significance of the Problem
Statement of the Purpose
Statement of the Problem
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions

2 – Literature Review
Defining Leadership
Difference between a Leader and a Manager
Qualities of an Effective Leader
Accept the Change
A Great Communicator
Open Minded Person
Concerned About Feedback
Leadership Styles
Lewin’s Styles of Leadership
Autocratic Style
Laissez-Faire Style
Democratic Style
Transformational Style
Charismatic Style
Bureaucratic Style
Transactional Style
Servant Style
Leadership Theories
Great Man Theory
Trait Theory
Behavioural Theory
Contingency Theory
Situational Theory
Transactional Theory
Participative Theory
Transformational Theory
Leaderships at Apple
Steve Jobs and Effect of His Leadership
Leadership of Tim Cook

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Positivism Philosophy
Realism Philosophy
Direct Realism
Critical Realism
Interpretivism Philosophy
Chosen Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Deductive Approach
Inductive Approach
Chosen Research Approach
Research Strategy
Chosen Research Strategy
Research Design
Descriptive Design
Experimental Design
Exploratory Design
Causal Design
Chosen Research Design
Data Collection Methods
Qualitative Method
Quantitative Method
Mixed Method
Chosen Data Collection Method
Data Collection Instruments
Chosen Data Collection Instrument
Probability Sampling
Non-Probability Technique
Sampling of the Research
Limitations of the Research

4 – Data Analysis and Findings
Personal Details
Leadership Concepts
Leadership Effects on Business Performance
A Leader Should Be A Co-Worker
A Leader Should Be A Ruler
A Leader Should Be A Good Communicator
Leadership of Apple
Steve Jobs Improved Apple
Tim Cook Improved Apple
The Best Leader of Apple

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations
Research Objectives Arguments
Research Questions Arguments
New Products
Think Beyond The Future
User Friendly Devices
Non-Monotonous Designs
Low Cost Products
Personalised Desktops
Further Recommendations
Scope for Further Research



Impact of Leadership on Business Dissertation
Impact of Leadership on Business Dissertation

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