An Examination of Impact of Local Content Policy in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry (2016)

The Nigerian Oil and gas Industry plays an important role towards sustaining the economic growth and development initiatives. In most of the literature, the sector has been described as the live wire of the country, and its role in the economy cannot be ignored. This study focuses on the impact of local content policy the Nigeria oil and gas industry.

Many countries are today focusing on developing their oil as well as gas reserves. Policy makers in such countries are currently anxious to obtain benefits from the economy from the exploitation of such exhaustible resources. They are thus focusing on building policies that will ensure that the country realizes the highest level of benefits from the extraction of such exhaustible resources.

This study tries to identify how local content policies are being employed in development and focuses on OANDO local Oil Company. It is a leading oil production and exploration company in Africa, and is also listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange. The organization focuses in upstream sector in the gas and oil industry in Africa. It is also engaged in offshore as well as onshore operations. Its wide operations include the exploration, development as well as production of oil.

The organization has wide partnerships with local as well as international players in the oil and gas industry (Columbia Center of Sustainable Investment 2015). The organization is also committed to increasing its capacity. This will nevertheless be dependent on the local content policies established in the sector as explored in this study. This study will be based on very clear objectives as presented.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To assess the current local content theory in Nigeria oil and gas industry
  • The study will identify the local content policies as employed in the oil industry within Nigeria. This will help in generating understanding of how such policies are developed within the industry
  • This study will further assess the effect of such local content policies on the operations of the organization. This will be important in assessing the way in which such local content policies are employed within the country
  • To assess the changes in the oil and gas industry after implementation of the local content policy
  • The study will finally focus on assessing the gaps and flaws that exist on the local content policy in Nigeria oil industry and provide recommendations on how to address the problem.
  • 11,000 words – 40 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business students

1: Introduction
Rationale for the study
Research Question
Research methodology
Secondary research
Reader map

2: Literature Review
Theoretical framework
Rise of local content policies
Costs and benefits of LCP
Chapter Summary

3: Research Methodology

4: Results and Discussion
Company performance
National GDP growth rate

5: Conclusion
Meeting objectives
Limitations of the study
Lessons learnt
Chapter summary: Final conclusion

Reflection Log


Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Dissertation
Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Dissertation

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