Information and Communication Technology and Service Delivery in Commercial Banks in Kenya (2015)

Information and Communication Technology Dissertation. In today’s business environment, ICT is part and parcel of the day to day delivery of services. New technology information systems play a big role in improving employee efficiency when serving customers. Customers are also able to perform self – service operations through platforms such as e-banking and mobile banking. However, when there is system down time customer satisfaction is adversely affected conversely customer service.

Despite the importance of customer service derived from the information system service design more emphasis has been on the processes efficiency and not customer satisfaction. The way to differentiate an organization with a good information system and one with a poor information system is on the way they deliver their services, good information system enables the organization to be logical and effective, that is, quick and efficient with both time and money, it also balances what the customers’ needs are and the service provider’s needs. Additionally, it combines the best of technology and people.

Many banks use information systems as a strategic tool for competitive advantage in all their operations. Most of these systems are used by the customer contact employees. Additionally, customers also access these systems for e-banking services through the mobile or internet.

The study concluded that institutions understand the need to adopt MIS and have even made attempt to facilitate its adoption. However, there exists a gap in the usage of this equipment, notably in management of information. The study recommends an assessment on training on MIS, posting information on shared databases and lastly engaging the services of an IT company with necessary technical capacity at the initial stages of MIS adoption.

The study established that ICT is a tool for operations and management support. Although a number of studies have been done in the area of information systems / information technology and their relation to service delivery in banks, there has been little on the impact of information systems on service delivery in commercial banks in Kenya.

Research Objectives

  • Determine the extent to which commercial banks in Kenya are using ICT in service delivery
  • Determine the benefits of using ICT on service delivery in commercial banks in Kenya
  • Establish the challenges of using ICT to deliver service in commercial banks in Kenya
  • Establish the relationship between ICT and service delivery
  • 12,000 words – 46 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for business and ICT students

1 – Introduction
Information and communication technology (ICT)
Service Delivery
Commercial banks in Kenya
Research Problem
Research Objective
Value of the Study

2 – Literature Review
Dimensions of ICT in the banking industry
Internet Banking
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
Benefits of ICT on service delivery
Challenges in using ICT in service delivery
Theoretical Framework
Delone and Mclean IS Success Model

3 – Research Methodology
Research Design
Target Population
Data Collection
Data Analysis

4 – Data Analysis and Interpretation
Demographic information
Age group
Education qualification
Work experience
ICT usage on customer service
Influence of ICT in service delivery in the banking sector
Mobile Banking and Efficiency
ATMs and Convenience
Internet Banking
Internet Banking and Easy access to banking information
Internet banking and fast access to account information
Internet banking and easy banking
Benefits of ICT use in Service Delivery
Challenges of using ICT in the banking sector

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Summary of Findings



Information and Communication Technology Dissertation - Kenya Banks
Information and Communication Technology Dissertation – Kenya Banks

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