Cross Cultural Integrity In Intercultural Environments (2017)

Cultural Management and Cross Cultural Integrity Dissertation – Multiculturalism has become directly linked to the process of business globalization, it is widely believed that globalization is necessary for the adaption of cross-cultural management. The impacts of globalization of the cross-cultural management have been signified in the past where the postulation of globalization and multiculturalism are being highlighted. The globalization should be at the macro level, which influences the cultural behavior and artifacts.

Multiculturalism should be residing at the micro level, which influences lower cultural level, such as values, assumptions and attitudes. The globalization refers to the transmission of values and ideas across world space. Every global company that has activities connected with other countries knows that it will have to face the unknown when communicating with a foreign representative. The fear of unknown can influence company’s activities. To avoid the feeling of discomfort, especially during the first phase of making a good impression, knowledge is the best factor. They help to understand how the cultures differ from one another. The current development is concerned with the global challenges.

They are new technologies, new markets, new environment drivers and new global players. New information technologies and communication technologies, such as internet, are ubiquitous and cheap. It is an easy access to information, fosters global trends, as well as opens and controls markets worldwide. The influence of the internet is growing and it comes more in our lives, while cars without steering wheel comes into the market, houses are getting equipped with the latest technologies supported by the internet.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To determine the cultural management within the financial department of the organization
  • To investigate the intercultural communication and language barrier in the organizations
  • To evaluate the cultural differences among different countries with specified speaking culture
  • To determine which country should connect with globalization by following intercultural relations in the organization
  • 23,000 words – 92 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for MBA students

1 – Introduction
Problem Definition
Research Objectives
Theoretical Framework
Research Questions
Research Methodology

2 – Literature Overview
Culture Complexities
Culture Scores
Cross-Cultural Management
Cultural Intelligence
Cultural Issues in the Workplace
Business Culture in Switzerland
Swiss business meetings
Negotiations in Switzerland
The workplace as a site for Intercultural communication
Cultural contrast in work environment correspondence
Intercultural transaction in work environment correspondence
Inequality in working environment correspondence

3 – Research Methodology
Qualitative Research
Philosophical Underpinnings
Questionnaire Survey
Intercultural communication
The Effect of Cultural Values on Management
High Context and Low Context
Sequential vs. Synchronic
Effective vs. Neutral
Cultural Intelligence
Analyze the Communication
Verbal Communication
Paralanguage Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Electronic Communication
Uncertainty Avoidance
Uncertainty Avoidance and Global Competitiveness
Trust Across Cultures

4 – Research Design and Analysis
Response Rate and Response Time
Cultural dimensions
Power Distance
Long Term Orientation
Enhancement of Intercultural Relationship in Communication
Discussion and Findings

5 – Conclusion


Cultural Management Dissertation
Cultural Management Dissertation

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