MBA Project Strategic Analysis – Vaxess Technologies Inc. (2019)

MBA Project Strategic Analysis – The case study “Vaxess Technologies, Inc.” presents an interesting and challenging situation. The product that Vaxess Technologies is proposing to the global healthcare and vaccine market is something that is likely to solve significant business and health issues. The current problem that the vaccine developers and administrators are facing is of storing and transporting the vaccine a sit has to be maintained at a temperature regulated between 2– 8 degree Celsius and any exposure to different temperatures is likely to lead to product wastage.

The case facts reveal that the current level of product wastage is almost 50% of all vaccine produced and that this is one of the reasons why vaccines are not been administered where the temperature controls cannot be maintained for example in countries where electricity is an issue.

Given this problem and the growing need to enhance immune system around global population, there is an acute need in the market to develop a formulation that would provide stability to the vaccines thus reducing their sensitivity to environmental conditions. The basis of this MBA case analysis is to highlight the core issues that Vaxess Technologies are facing and to present a possible way forward for the organization. In order to achieve this aim, the following research objectives are crafted:

  • To critically analyse its need for funding and suggest the best approach in obtaining necessary funding for its establishment in commercial level
  • To critically analyse its proposal and how to sustain its unique offer in the industry to maintain a sustained market position
  • To meticulous derive the best strategic approach in engaging in partnership with the interested companies
  • To carefully select suitable vaccine to target based on its best capacity
  • 8,000 words – 32 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for MBA students
  • This is an MBA project not dissertation

1 -Introduction
Case Background
Vaxess Relevance and Market Challenges
Statement of Problem
Research Questions
Research Aims and Objectives

2- Case Brief
Overview of the Organization
Vaccine Market
Problem Faced

3- Models and Frameworks to Analyze the Case
Problem Statement
Frameworks for Marketing Management
Frameworks for Operations Management
Frameworks for Strategic Management
Data Source

4- Analysis and Findings
Application of Marketing Management Models
TWOS Analysis
Porter’s Five Force Analysis
Marketing Mix Analysis
Application of Operations Management Models
Value Chain Analysis
Product Life Cycle Analysis
Process, Variety, Volume Analysis
Application of Strategic Management Models
VRIO Analysis
Boston Consultancy Group Matrix
Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid

5- Proposed Solution to the Problem
Evaluation of Possible Solutions
Selection of Most Appropriate Solution
Counter Issues to Solutions
Action Plan
Limitations of the Current Case and Further Research


MBA Project Strategic Analysis - Vaxess Technologies
MBA Project Strategic Analysis – Vaxess Technologies

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