An Evaluation into The Impact of Corporate Governance and Excessive Usage of Waste and Plastic Disposal – A Case Study of H&M (2020)

Waste Disposal and Corporate Governance Dissertation – By introducing readers to the concept of corporate governance, this study has constructed an understandable account by aligning this concept with the process of waste management mechanism in H&M. Being one of most popular fashion brands in the UK; the company is effectively concentrating on waste management through the incorporation of corporate governance. This section has presented aim, objective and research questions, which have been met successfully throughout research continuation and its competition.

The literature review section has shed light on the theoretical components associated with corporate governance, and waste management has been illustrated. By sharing the core knowledge of corporate governance and waste management practices, this section has elucidated several theoretical paradigms. Corporate governance, resource dependency and agency theory has been evaluated herein. Applied research methodology has also been described in which the justification behind selecting the aspects has been described. Positivism research philosophy, deductive research approach followed by multi-method strategy has been used for analysing both primary and secondary data. For collecting primary data, an online survey and telephonic interview have been conducted.

However, from some selected articles, the qualitative and descriptive secondary data has been collected and analysed. Data received from both primary and secondary sources have been presented and analysed in this phase of research work. Due to the pandemic situation, the primary data collection process has been done in online mode (survey) and telephonic (interview) mode in which some selected employees and managers have been considered respectively. Impacts of corporate governance on waste management of H&M have been highlighted herein.

A suitable conclusion has been drawn from the entire research process, which has considered the presence of significant impacts of corporate governance on the waste management process. Linking progress with predestined objectives, authenticity of study has been judged. However, some recommendations and their action plan have also been presented that will be beneficial for H&M to improve its corporate governance and waste management.

Dissertation Aim

To evaluate impacts of corporate governance over excessive usage of waste and plastic disposal

Dissertation objectives

  • To assess and understand impacts generated by corporate governance on profit generation and performance of H&M
  • To recognise potential issues and relative threats for H&M that can be resulted from excessive waste material generation
  • To identify most appropriate mechanisms to minimize recognised issues and threats significantly
  • To illustrate impacts of corporate governance measures on marketing and sales process of H&M.

  • 10,000 words – 38 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Organizational background: H&M
Research questions
Aim and objectives

2 – Literature Review
Concept of Corporate Governance
Concept of waste disposal
Factors affecting corporate Governance
Factors requiring the concern of waste disposal
Theoretical application
Corporate governance theory
Agency theory
Resource dependency theory
Effect of Corporate Governance on waste disposal
Literature gap

3 – Research Methods
Study philosophy
Study approach
Study design
Data collection method
Data analysis method

4 – Research Results: Critical Review
Primary data collection and analysis
Quantitative primary data: Survey result representation
Qualitative primary data: Interview transcript presentation
Secondary data collection with analysis

5 – Recommendation and Action Plan
Objective linking
Action plan



Waste Disposal and Corporate Governance
Waste Disposal and Corporate Governance

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