Efficiency Of Risk Management Within the Telecommunication Industry of Egypt (2019)

Telecommunication Industry of Egypt Dissertation – The need for management of operational risk the telecommunication companies in Egypt is important and necessary for the reason that operational risk exists everywhere and anywhere in any of business environment, including the telecom business. It is the oldest risk facing any commercial institution and in particular telecommunication companies, insurance corporations and other telecommunication and non-telecommunication institutions.

There are a lot of studies on risk which was conducted in Egypt, but many of them focused on telecommunication institutions and mostly focused on the management of credit risk and not the management of operational risk. The globalization and deregulation of telecommunication services, together with the increasing sophistication of the telecommunication technology they are making the telecom companies operations (and hence their risk profiles) more complex and diverse.

Examples of these new and increasing operational risks which are facing telecommunication industry include the use of more and highly computerized technology which tends to have the potential to transform manual processing and even leads to errors to the risks of system failure. As a result, highly computerized technology, greater dependence is placed to the globally integrated systems; there is the development of an electronic business that brings with its possible new risk, e.g., external fraud and system security disputes that are not yet well and fully understood by the telecommunication companies.

The main purpose of this study is to determine the efficiency of risk management in the telecommunication industry of Egypt. Also;

  • To determine if the management of operational risk in the telecommunication industry are well managed.
  • To determine different methods employed by companies in the telecommunication industry to manage operational risk
  • To determine reasons which influence the management of operational risk
  • To determine if the employees in this industry are aware of the management of operational risk

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1 – Introduction
Research Problem
Purpose of the Study
Research objectives
Importance of the study
Structure of the study
Industry Overview

2 – Literature Review
Definition of Key Terms – Risk
Telecommunication Risk Management
Market risk
Credit Risk
Operational risk
Liquidity Risk
Risk Perception
Risk Appetite
Risk Identification
SWOT Analysis
Risk Questionnaires
Scenario Analysis
Pest Analysis
Gap Analysis
Risk Dynamics
Definition of Key Terms – Risk Management
General Theory on Risk and Operational Risk Management
Framework for Operational Risk Management
Operational Risk Management Process
Factors Influencing Operational Risk Management Process
Effectiveness of Internal Controls
Internal Control Environment and Management Oversight
Developing Effective Operational Risk Management
Developing an Appropriate Risk Management Environment
Risk Management: Identification, Assessment, Monitoring and Control
Empirical Literature Review
Literature Gap
Operational Risk Management Objectives
Identification of Operational risks
Operational Risk Analysis
Qualitative and semi?qualitative operational risk analysis
Quantification of operational risks
Stakeholders and lines of defence
Operational Risk treatment activities
Monitoring and review
Components of a framework and communication lines

3 – Methodology
Research Design
Target Population
Sampling Procedure and Sample Selection
Sampling Procedures
Area of the Study
Instrument of Data Collection
Variables of the Study
Data Analysis
Ethical Considerations
Validity of the Study

4 – Findings and Analysis of Data
General Findings
Gender of the Respondents
Employees and Duration Working at the Telecommunication firms
Specific Findings
Presence of Risk Management and Control Department and its Effectiveness
Presence of Operational Risk Policies
of Telecommunication firms on Principles Guiding Operational Risks
Methods Used to Manage Operational Risks
The Issue of Risk Control is taken to a Great Consideration
Factors that Affect Operational Risks

5 – Summary, Conclusions And Recommendations
Summary of the Findings
Suggested Areas for Further Studies


Telecommunication Industry of Egypt Dissertation
Telecommunication Industry of Egypt Dissertation

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