Mobile Banking Opportunities and Trends in Developing Countries. A Study of Afghanistan (2019)

Mobile Banking Opportunities – The main motivation of the dissertation is to examine the use of mobile banking services in Afghanistan. The study aimed to establish the viability of this technology amongst Afghanistan’s population given the country is still healing from the negative effects of the previous Taliban rule. The thesis also examines the ways in which this technology can boost individual’s lives and ultimately Afghanistan’s economy. This research relied on quantitative research techniques, that is, analysis of secondary data relating to mobile banking in Afghanistan and interviews.

The sample size chose for the interviews was (N=100). This was after a careful selection of participants through a social media platform (Facebook). Interviews were then conducted through Skype. Secondary data gathered from online open sources like USAID, SIGAR, World Bank, UNAMA and Ministry of telecommunication of Afghanistan were also used in the study.

The study then relied on content analysis to generate themes from the responses gathered in questionnaires, as well as case studies within secondary sources of data gathered. The results indicated that mobile banking is the future of banking in Afghanistan, as people are quickly shifting from the conventional form of banking that is time consuming and less convenient in terms of accessibility. The study also revealed that mobile banking is improving and still has a greater chance at boosting Afghanistan’s economy.

At a personal level, the participants reported financial growth from utilities like savings and loaning services that have helped them grow their SMEs and overcome emergency situations. Finally non-governmental organizations like USAID have had chance and convenience to assist the victims of war in Afghanistan through vouchers sent to them on mobile phones. With this technology, such organizations have been able to assist larger number of victims of disasters faster, regardless of their position at the time of crisis.

Dissertation objectives

  • To find out if mobile banking is viable in Afghanistan
  • To determine ways through which mobile banking can empower citizens in Afghanistan
  • To evaluate the economic benefits of mobile banking on Afghanistan’s economy

  • 10,000 words – 40 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international business students

1 – Introduction
Background of Study
Problem Statement
Objectives of the Study
Significance of the Study

2 – Literature Review
Mobile Banking: Opportunities and Trends
Mobile Banking in Afghanistan
Challenges and Opportunities
Macro-economic level
Micro-economic level
Impact of Mobile Money on Human Development in Developing Countries
Facilitating remittance flows to enhance local development
Reconfiguring social and communal life
Empowering rural women by increasing their financial autonomy
Improving food security and nutrition through funding development assistance projects
Literature Gap

3 – Research Methodology
Research Design
Data Collection
Sample Selection and Sample Population
Data Reliability and Validity
Limitation of the Study
Data Analysis

4 – Results and Analysis of Data Collected
General Information
To Find Out If Mobile Banking Is Viable in Afghanistan
To determine ways through which mobile banking can empower e-banking customers in Afghanistan
To evaluate the economic benefits of mobile banking on Afghanistan’s economy

5 – Discussions

6 – Conclusion

7 – Recommendations


Mobile Banking Opportunities Dissertation
Mobile Banking Opportunities Dissertation

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