Navigating the New Normal: Enhancing Employee Motivation in the Post-Pandemic Workplace – A Study into Marks and Spencer (2023)

This dissertation explores the critical role of employee motivation in the contemporary workplace, with a specific focus on strategies employed by organisations to maintain and enhance motivation levels, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Motivation is defined as the enthusiastic approach and dedication exhibited by individual employees. Recognising the significance of highly motivated staff for organisational success, this dissertation researches the dual classification of motivation as internal and external.

The organisational imperative of fostering employee growth and optimising output necessitates a nuanced understanding of employee categorisation and the application of tailored motivation strategies. Internal and external motivations are elucidated, with internal motivation emphasising individual drive and external motivation dependent on external environmental factors. The internal motivation dynamic leads to heightened employee diligence and performance, while external motivation derives from the external organisational context.

Employee motivation is paramount for cultivating a positive work environment where individuals are inspired to contribute their best efforts. The positive effects extend to coworkers’ satisfaction, customer happiness, and superior organisational outcomes compared to competitors. Moreover, motivation contributes to lower employee turnover rates, ensuring continuity and stability within the organisation.

The unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have added a layer of complexity to the study of employee motivation. The pandemic has not only impacted employee health but has also prompted a shift towards remote work for safety reasons. This raises the critical question of identifying effective strategies to improve employee motivation in a remote or hybrid work environment.

To address these issues, this research focuses on Marks and Spencer, a multinational retail organisation in the UK. The study aims to analyse the strategic actions taken by Marks and Spencer to maintain high levels of employee motivation in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic. By examining this case, the dissertation seeks to contribute valuable insights into the evolving landscape of employee motivation and its strategic importance for organisational success.

Dissertation objectives

  • To ascertain understanding about motivation along with its notions utilised within M&S
  • To identify the tactics utilised by M&S for enhancement of motivation amid personnel after COVID-19
  • To assess the merits that M&S could be grown by uplifting worker motivation after COVID-19

  • 12,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Dissertation Rationale
Research Question and Objectives
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Understanding how individuals are motivated and the theories applied within the context of M&S
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Two Factor Theory
Strategic Actions for Improving Workforce Motivation
Benefits of Workforce Motivators After COVID
Research Gap

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Selection
Research Strategy
Research Instruments
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Time Horizon
Ethical consideration

4 – Data Analysis and Findings
Data Interpretation

5 – Discussion
Theme 1 – To ascertain understanding about motivation along with its notions utilised within M&S
Theme 2 – To identify the tactics utilised by M&S for enhancement of motivation amid personnel after COVID-19
Theme 3 – What are the gains that M&S could be grown by enhanced worker motivation after COVID-19?

6 – Conclusion And Recommendation



COVID-19 Pandemic Employee Motivation Dissertation
COVID-19 Pandemic Employee Motivation Dissertation

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