Impact Of Leadership Styles on Organisational Performance: Evidence from The Electronic Industry in Malaysia (2022)

Effective Leadership Styles Dissertation – The objective of this correlational and cross-sectional study is to examine the relationship between leadership styles and organizational performance in the electronic industry of Malaysia. The study determined transformational, transactional and Laissez-Faire styles of leadership as an independent variable and non-financial performance which influences organizational performance as a dependent variable.

To analyze the impact of leadership styles on organizational performance, this study analyzed quantitative data collected through a structured questionnaire from 150 senior managers selected through non-probability convenience sampling techniques. The researcher also used regression and correlation to determine the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The results of the statistical analyses revealed that there is a statistically significant positive relationship between all the three leadership styles and employee performance which is a non-financial performance of electronic manufacturing companies.

Leaders following transactional, transformational and Laissez-Faire styles of leadership significantly enhance non-financial performance through employee engagement, job satisfaction, and building positive emotions that increase employee productivity and organizational profitability. The results of the study revealed that Laissez-Faire is a more effective leadership approach in an organizational context because it offers room for innovation and creativity. It’s a completely hands-off approach that gives autonomy to employees and allows them to make decisions, take the risk and learn through experiences. The research has important implications and recommendations for the organizations and future researchers.

This research aims to study the relationship between leadership style and organizational performance. This analysis will investigate the impact of the independent variable which is leadership styles on the dependent variable which is organizational performance. Leadership styles include effective leadership styles in business which include transformational transactional and Laissez-Faire as a holistic approach to leadership that is a sustainable and excellency-driven framework.

The impact of leadership style is studied concerning managing employees and leading organizations in case of environmental changes. Whereas organizational performance is measured in terms of customer satisfaction, innovation, profitability as well as sustainability. The research questions of the analysis include:

  • What is the impact of leadership styles on organizational performance?
  • What are the effective leadership styles in business influencing performance?
  • What is the impact of leadership styles on non-financial organizational performance in the electronic industry of Malaysia?
  • What are the recommendations being provided for the electronics industry of Malaysia?

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1 – Introduction
Background to the Study
Problem Statement
Dissertation Objectives
Research Questions
Research Hypothesis
Significance of the Study
Scope of the study
Definitions of Terms

2 – Literature Review
Previous Studies
Effective Leadership Styles
Transformational Style of Leadership
Transactional Style of Leadership
Laissez-Faire Style of Leadership
Organizational Performance
Effective Leadership styles and organizational performance in the Electronic Industry of Malaysia
Leadership styles and Organizational Performance with Respect to employee Performance
Methodological Issues
Conceptual Framework
Independent Variable: Leadership styles
Dependent variable: Organizational Performance
Non-Financial performance: Employee development

3 – Methodology
Research Methods
Data Collection Procedures
Framework of Data Analysis

4 – Data Analysis and Results
Demographic Profile of Respondents
Reliability Test
Factor Analysis
KMO Bartlett’s Test
Total Variance Explained
Component Matrix
Correlation Analysis
Results of the study

5 – Discussion and Conclusion
Summary of Main findings
Transformational leadership and Organizational Performance
Transactional Leadership and Organizational Performance
Laissez-Faire and Organizational performance
Implications of the Findings
Implication for the Field of Study
Practical implications for organizations
Study Limitations
Directions for Future Researchers
Discussion and conclusion is the fifth section of the study


Survey Questions

Effective Leadership Styles Dissertation
Effective Leadership Styles Dissertation

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