An Evaluation on How Culture Promotes Economic Development within the Event Industry – A Case Study of London (2017)

This dissertation investigates various aspects of the cultural event industry and assesses its impact on the perspective of economic development in London. Currently, London is a prime tourist destination, attracting people from around the world who come to experience its nightlife, attractions, education, and culture. Consequently, this has significantly contributed to the overall growth rate of the cultural event industry in the London market. This research project evaluates the present value of London’s cultural event industry and also forecasts its future volume.

London is one of the most culturally rich cities on the planet with worldclass institutions and globally renowned talent. The city’s creative economy now employs one in six Londoners and contributes £42bn to the economy. London’s culture and creative industries are vital to the city’s success and Londoners’ wellbeing. Yet too many Londoners are still missing out on the opportunity to access culture and the huge benefits it can bring. The study examines recent articles and magazines to identify the challenges the cultural events industry is likely to face in the near future.

To assess the impact of the industry’s growth on economic development, the study employs a comprehensive research approach. The literature review section utilizes various articles and journals to provide an overview of the current state of the cultural event industry and compares it to sporting events. Furthermore, the study incorporates a detailed description of the research methodology, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all aspects related to the research study. Quantitative and descriptive analysis techniques are employed to achieve the research aims and objectives effectively.

Dissertation objectives:

  • Identify popular London events and their impact on the economic contribution on local communities
  • Highlight the significance of culture in enhancing the overall business performance of the event management industry in London
  • Analyze the contribution made by the event industry and identify any enhancements made to the London economy
  • Recommend best possible methods to utilize cultural aspects to enhance business performance within the event industry

12,000 words – 50 pages in length
Excellent use of literature
Excellent analysis of subject area
Well written throughout
Includes questionnaire
Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Background of the research
Problem statement
Research aim
Research objectives
Research questions
Research hypothesis
Structure of the dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Significance cultural promotion for the economic development of the event industry
Strategies initiated by event industry for cultural promotion
Factors affecting in the promotion of culture in event industry
Impact of cultural promotion in the economic development of the event industry
Literature gap
Conceptual framework

3: Research Methodology
Research philosophy
Research approach
Research design
Data collection method
Population and sampling method
Data analysis method
Ethical consideration
Research limitation

4 – Data Analysis
Quantitative analysis
Descriptive analysis

5 – Conclusion and Recommendation
Objective linking
Future scope

6 – Reflective Statement



Event Industry and Economic Development Dissertation
The Event Industry and Economic Development Dissertation

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