Exploring Gendered Managerial Traits and Their Impact on Women’s Advancement in Babcock International (2022)

Gendered Managerial Traits Dissertation – This dissertation is an exploration of the relationship between managerial characteristics, gender perceptions, and successful management within the context of Babcock International. The study examines the question of whether these managerial traits are predominantly perceived as masculine and the potential implications of such gender associations on women’s capacity to excel in managerial roles. The study’s primary objective revolves around a comprehensive investigation into the perceived gender associations of managerial characteristics in Babcock. It endeavours to dissect whether specific traits are widely categorized as masculine, feminine, or neutral, thereby addressing the intricate nuances of gendered attributions within leadership realms. By highlighting these perceptions, the study endeavours to shed light on whether such associations potentially hinder or influence women’s efficacy as successful managers.

The research unearths career challenges encountered by women striving to ascend to managerial positions. By examining the barriers obstructing women’s career progression, this study unveils the complex interplay of societal norms, organisational dynamics, and individual aspirations. The research probes the policies implemented by Babcock to challenge and counteract gendered attitudes toward women in the workplace. This investigation seeks to ascertain the efficacy of these policies in engendering a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusivity. Ultimately, the research aims to investigate whether the managerial traits associated with Babcock International are perceived as masculine and how these perceptions impact the ability of women to succeed in managerial roles.

Dissertation objectives

  • To analyse the gender-based segregation within the labour market.
  • To ascertain the distinct characteristics that contribute to the effectiveness of a manager.
  • Determine whether these traits are categorised as masculine, feminine, or neutral.
  • To scrutinise the obstacles encountered by women in their pursuit of managerial roles.
  • To explore the strategies employed by Babcock International to counter and challenge gender-biased perceptions towards women.

  • 12,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questions and transcripts
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Research Background
Dissertation Rationale
Dissertation Aim
Dissertation Objectives
Research Questions
Research Scope
Research Limitations

2 – Literature Review
Segregation by gender in the Labour Market
Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
Empirical Studies on Occupational Segregation
Characteristics of Managers
Women Managers in Engineering
Barriers Women face in becoming Managers
Glass Ceiling
Paradigm of Male Leadership
Unconscious Bias
Conflicts between Work and Family

3 – Methodology
Research Design
Research Approach
Research Philosophy
Type of Investigation
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Research Limitations
Validity and Reliability
Ethical Considerations

4 – Results
Qualities used by females in Babcock while being a manager
Do the above-mentioned qualities help to become a successful manager?
Communal Agentic Qualities
Experiences of being a Manager at Babcock
Gender Discrimination at Babcock
Barriers Faced while becoming a manger
Are Babcock’s policies to challenge gender discrimination at work successful?
Does Babcock do enough to address the lack of female representation in managerial roles?

5 – Discussion
Communal versus Agentic Qualities
Barriers faced by the women in the organisation
Babcock HR policies and how successful they are

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations


Interview Questions
Respondent Transcripts

Gendered Managerial Traits Dissertation
Gendered Managerial Traits Dissertation

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