Impact of Green Supply Chain Management on Organizational Performance – A Study into Hong Kong Based Organizations (2021)

Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) has emerged as a significant practice in the modern industrial landscape, driven by growing concerns about environmental impacts resulting from human activities. This study investigates the influence of GSCM on the performance of the manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. Employing secondary data analysis and qualitative thematic study methodologies, the author examined the implementation of GSCM over the past five years in Hong Kong’s manufacturing sector.

As the environment is being affected by human activities, implementing GSCM has become almost essential to minimize its impact. This study focuses on the influence of GSCM on the performance of the manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. The researcher conducted a secondary data analysis on the implementation of GSCM in the Hong Kong manufacturing sector.

Information collected from the industry over the past five years, coupled with a qualitative thematic study, revealed that the increasing adoption of green supply chains has boosted the popularity of companies among customers, resulting in improved revenues, profits, and growth. It was found that the implementation of GSCM has a positive impact on the organizational performance in the manufacturing industry of Hong Kong.

The dissertation findings indicate that the adoption of green supply chain practices has led to increased favorability among customers, thereby enhancing companies’ revenues, profits, and overall growth. Importantly, the research reveals a positive correlation between the implementation of GSCM and organizational performance in Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry. This research underscores the significance of GSCM as a strategy for not only reducing environmental impacts but also driving economic success within the manufacturing sector.

The research objectives are:

  • To evaluate the costs and benefits of GSCM
  • To explore the strategies for implementing GSCM
  • To assess the potential challenges of implementing GSCM
  • To recommend a possible GSCM model to improve the performance of organizations

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1 – Introduction
Research Background
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Dissertation Rationale
Proposed Outline of Research Philosophy and Research Approach
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Factors Influencing Organizational Performance
Prominent Factors of GSCM
Types of GSCM Practice
Connection Between GSCM And Financial Performance of Businesses
Benefits and Boundaries of GSCM
GSCM and Organizational Performance

3 – Research Methodology
Research method Deployed
Research Paradigm
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Research Design
Data Collection Process and Instruments
Data Analysis Process
Research Timeline

4 – Data Findings and Analysis
Thematic Analysis
Theme 1: GSCM and Potential Challenges
Theme 2: Green Supply Chain Practices and Performance of The Organisation
Theme 3: Green Supply Chain and Transportation Cost Reduction
Theme 4: Environmental Factors of GSCM
Theme 5: Benefit of The Green Supply Chain for The Manufacturing Sector
Theme 6: Strategies for Implementing GSCM

5 – Discussions
Research Aim Outcome

6 – Recommendations and Conclusions
Linking with Objectives
Objective 1: To Evaluate the Costs and Benefits Of GSCM
Objective 2: To Explore the Strategies for Implementing GSCM
Objective 3: To Assess the Potential Challenges of Implementing GSCM
Valid negotiation with suppliers
Choose Industry Partnership
Track and Maintain Goals
Following the Framework of GSCM
Future Scope of The Research


Green Supply Chain Management GSCM Dissertation
Green Supply Chain Management GSCM Dissertation

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