Examining The Impact of Leadership Characteristics On Organisation Performance (2019)

Leadership plays a crucial role within organizations, significantly impacting their long-term success. Therefore, it is imperative for firms to actively seek out competent leaders. A capable leader offers several advantages, such as enhancing the firm’s financial position and overall brand image. Consequently, the Human Resource department bears the responsibility of effectively hiring both suitable employees and appropriate leaders.

This dissertation focuses on the concept of Strategic Leadership and explores the common pitfalls organizations encounter when selecting leaders. The study examines four variables, with three independent variables: Management policies regarding leader recruitment, the management’s failure to essential leadership skills, and the influence of organizational culture on leadership effectiveness.

The dependent variable is the management’s challenge in hiring effective leaders. Qualitative analysis techniques were employed to collect and analyze survey results. The study revealed that for long-term success, firms must ensure that their leaders align with the organization’s objectives and provide them with appropriate responsibilities. A competent leader is paramount to the success of any organization.

The main aim of the given research paper can be stated to be to understand how the Strategic Leadership tends to evolve and improve over time and how the leader tends to undertake considerable initiatives which, will help them to manage the organisation in a just and ethical manner. The research aims to outline various cases and studies which will help in understanding the overall impacts of the business leaders and the different actions which are generally undertaken by them.

In light of this, it has to be understood that the new generation of the employees would like to have leaders who bring about considerable benefits to the employees and treat them fairly. However, in line of this, many leaders only concern themselves with power and authority and then fail to ensure success. In addition to this, specific recommendations to ensure that, Leadership can be made use of for the overall benefit of the society and good corporate governance.

The dissertation objectives are as follows:

  • To identify the impact of the leader’s characteristic towards organisation performance
  • To explore the good corporate governance practices among leaders as crucial criteria in hiring leaders towards organisation performance
  • To explore the impact on decision making by leaders within a diverse organisational culture towards organisation performance

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  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Background of the project
Problem statement
Research aim
Research objectives
Research questions
Research hypothesis
Research rationale
Dissertation structure

2 – Literature Review
Dependent Variable: The management problem in in selecting effective leaders for key
management positions
Conceptual framework
Independent Variable 1: Management’s ignorance to 21st century leadership philosophy
Independent Variable 2: No proper management policy guideline on the selection process of effective leaders
Independent Variable 3: Organisation culture that prohibits the selection of effective leaders
The impact of management ignorance to 21st century leadership philosophy, no valid management guideline and Organizational culture on the management problem of selecting effective leaders in a firm

3 – Research Methodology
Research Outline
The Research Questions
Research Philosophy
Justification of the research philosophy chosen
Research Approach
Justification of the research approach chosen
Research Design
Justification for the research design chosen
Research Strategy
Justification for the research Strategy chosen
Sampling technique
Justification for the Sampling technique chosen
Data collection
Justification for the Data collection method chosen
Data analysis
Justification for the Data analysis method chosen
Ethical considerations
Accessibility issues

4 – Data Analysis and Interpretation
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential statistics

5 – Conclusion
Limitations of the study
Linking to Objectives
Recommendations for future research

6 – Recommendations
Corporate Level
Daily operational recommendations
Future recommendations: Change in the policy of the firm


Leadership Characteristics and Organisation Performance Dissertation
Leadership Characteristics and Organisation Performance Dissertation

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