The Impact of the Paris Climate Agreement on Shell’s Corporate Strategies and Investments (2018)

This MBA project investigated the Paris Climate Agreement impact on Shell’s strategies and investments. To adequately assess the research focus, four research questions were employed examining the Climate Agreement’s impact on Shell’s financial performance, scenario plans, strategies and investments, and narratives of different stakeholders. This topic is important as it provides insight into the effect of major climate change initiatives on large oil and gas companies normalised operational patterns. To obtain the data for this paper, a qualitative and quantitative research approach was utilised, with the information being collected via an in depth internet search procedure.

The results indicated that while Shell’s financial performance has yet to be impacted negatively by the Climate Agreement, shifts in the company’s scenarios towards ones more climate friendly was observed. Additionally, the findings highlighted that Shell’s strategies and investments have altered post the Climate Agreement, with larger emphasis being placed on ‘new energies’, due to a rise in stakeholder and shareholder pressure. Therefore, this paper concludes that the Climate Agreement outlined in Paris has impacted Shell’s strategies and investments.

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1 – Introduction
Climate Change Initiatives and The Oil and Gas Industry
Research Focus and Motivation

2 – Literature Review
Scenario Planning in Strategic Thinking
Scenario Planning in The Oil and Gas Industry
Strategies And Investments of The Oil and Gas Industry
Traditional Strategies and Investments
Impact Of Climate Change Initiatives on Strategies and Investments

3 – Methodology
Research Method
Data Collection and Analysis

4 – Results
Shell’s Scenarios
Industry Comparison
Strategies And Investments
Prior To The Paris Climate Agreement
Post The Paris Climate Agreement
Stakeholder Pressure
Pressure Groups
Financial Organisations and Regulators
Economic Groups
Investment Funds

5 – Discussion
Research Questions

6 – Recommendations

7 – Conclusion
Limitations and Future Research


Appendix Section

Paris Climate Agreement MBA Project
Climate Agreement Dissertation

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