Effectiveness of Leadership Style and Business Functions at Verizon Communication (2021)

Verizon Communications Inc. is active in a wide range of communications markets. This project is targeted at Verizon’s wireless networking. It includes the external aspects of the whole industry and Verizon Wireless’s internal climate. Verizon’s corporate plan is outstanding and the company strategy is vital to how Verizon separates itself from competition. A recommendation to reduce risks and leverage resources is made by the research carried out. The study analyses the telecommunication industry and Verizon Communication and introduces how the company works. The Business Systems, Processes, and Technology involved in Effective Communication in Business Environment. SWOT analysis and business structure models will be evaluated for external elements.

The opportunities described include the customer’s cultural transition and commodity refinement. Also, when making future choices, a variety of factors have to be considered. Verizon has a lot of internal capital. The brand name, mobile phone towers and coverage areas are the ones which are expensive to imitate, uncommon and abused. Their core market strategy is product differentiation for their wireless communication. They are done a lot by the media. They try to shift Verizon Wireless’s image of being larger and better than other carriers. The “Do you Hear me now,” a common commercial, highlighted Verizon as a carrier with less download calls and better coverage, was more popular than other carriers.

Verizon considers corporate strategy essential, as it generates value by incorporating it into fusions and acquisitions vertically. The project concludes with giving recommendations to improve the company. The recommendations are consideration to seize the opportunity by cutting energy consumption, enhancing customer interest, switching towards green energy resources and switching towards remote working.

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1 – Introduction

2 – The Business: Verizon Communication Inc.
Telecommunication Industry and Verizon Communication Inc.
Business Systems, Processes, and Technology
Effective Communication in Business Environment

3 – Integrate Principles of Ethics and Integrity into Business Decisions

4 – Leadership and Collaboration Aspects Associated with the Chosen Business
Leadership Changes in Verizon
Leadership Programs of Verizon
Culturally Diverse Environments in Verizon

5 – Business Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats
SWOT Analysis
Strengths for Verizon
Business Challenges Faced by Verizon Communication
Opportunities for Verizon
Threats for Verizon

6 – Recommendations
Consideration to Seize the Opportunity by Cutting Energy Consumption
Enhance Customer Interest
Switching Towards Green Energy Resources
Switching Towards Remote Working

7 – Conclusion


Verizon Communication Leadership Style Dissertation
Verizon Communication Leadership Style Dissertation

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