To What Extent Does Climate Change Affect Operation Management at EasyJet (2022)

Operation Management at EasyJet Climate Change Dissertation – Numerous research papers on climate change and the aviation business have been published. While this study focuses on the impact of climate change on organisations, there is a lack of clarity on the impact on operations management. Developing strategies to combat climate change necessitates careful consideration of an organization’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Objectives and methods for satisfying stakeholder demands are lacking. There is also a lack of consistency in the amount of money being invested in climate change response efforts across various businesses.

Operational management is expected to implement a multi-faceted approach capable of responding to climate change circumstances throughout various time periods of the year, while supporting technical improvements to lower carbon footprints, given existing industry and organisational constraints. Strategic management is thought to aid in achieving sustainability despite the incidence of climate change repercussions throughout the year.

The present research intends to contribute towards the development of a comprehensive understanding of the area of strategic management which can be in turn utilised for making some practical changes in the scenario. This is the scholar’s rationale behind carrying out the present research study.

The overall objectives to be accomplished through this research work are as below:

  • To examine the relationship between business operations and climate change
  • To investigate the previous ten years of climate change and their impacts on operations management in the airline business
  • To analyse the operational changes required in EasyJet for carbon reduction to 31% in the next five years
  • To recommend the practices for strategic alignment of the operations with identified and assessed climate change impacts

  • 10,000 words – 40 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Background and Context
Problem Statement
Research Rationale
Research Question
Research Objectives
Research Significance
Research Structure

2 – Literature Review
Climate Change Is a Major Long-Standing Challenge for Aviation
Influence of Climate Change on EasyJet and Their Carbon Offsetting
Carbon Trading Schemes
Impact of Climate Change on The Aviation Industry
Actions to Cope Up with Climate Change

3 – Methodology
Research Philosophy
Theoretical Framework
Research Method
Research Design
Data Collection Method
Data Analysis Technique
Research Strategy
Ethical Considerations

4 – Findings
Secondary Qualitative Data
Primary Quantitative: Survey
Secondary Qualitative: Interview

5 – Discussion

6 – Conclusion, Recommendations and Future Research Scope


Operation Management at EasyJet Climate Change Dissertation
Operation Management at EasyJet Climate Change Dissertation

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