Soft Skills in Project Management: A Critical Assessment of their Impact on Project Success (2022)

Project Management Soft Skills MBA Dissertation – This dissertation aims to assess how project soft skills influence project success. We designed a survey to identify factors and mediating variables, addressing them to measure the impact on project success. In today’s project management landscape, the importance and effectiveness of soft skills are increasing. Organizations find it vital to evaluate the significance of soft skills in project management. As competencies rapidly develop, achieving success in projects becomes challenging. Project failures are often not attributed to technical reasons but involve factors that enhance soft skills and mediating variables, as explored in this research.

Additionally, we propose a theoretical model to validate specific points, contributing to the study’s validity. Qualitative analysis, based on selected case studies, supports the outcomes of quantitative analysis. Following a deductive approach in the qualitative research phase, we aim to produce a distinctive model supporting our findings. The research outcomes highlight the impact of soft skills in project management for project success. This research is specific to Dubai, an emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The findings from the quantitative analysis emphasize the importance of focusing on soft skills in a project to enhance success rates. The study reveals the value of soft skills in the discipline of project management, shedding light on methods applied by project managers in different projects. Moreover, it yields significant conclusions about investing in soft skills procedures to enhance success rates in projects. This research contributes to understanding the critical role of soft skills in achieving project success. It underscores the need for organizations to focus on and invest in soft skills for improved project outcomes.

Keywords: Soft skills, Communication, Leadership, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Project Attributes, Project Success, Project Stakeholders

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1 – Introduction
Research Aims and Objectives
Aims of the study
Objectives of the study
Research Questions
Scope of the Study
Dissertation Rationale
Research Hypothesis
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
An Overview of Project Management Soft Skills
Project Success Factors
Project Management Success Models and Theories
Great Man Theory
Trait Theory
Behavioural and Role Theories
Leadership Grid
Impact of Project Soft Skills on The Project Success Rate
Challenges Faced by Implementing Soft Skills in Projects
Conflict Management
Conceptual Framework

3 – Research Methodology
Summary Of Research Strategies and Philosophies
Research Philosophy
Justification of the Chosen Philosophy
Research Approach
Justification of the Chosen Research Approach
Research Design
Justification of the Chosen Research Design
Research Strategy
Data Collection Technique
Data Analysis Technique
Sample and Sampling
Sampling Technique
Sample Size
Use of Secondary Data
Ethical Considerations
Accessibility Issues
Research Timeline

4 – Data Analysis and Findings
Quantitative Analysis
Demographic Questions
Quantitative Questions
Data analysis and Findings
Impact of Project Soft Skills on The Success Rate
Impact of Features of Project Management Soft Skills on Project Success Rate
Impact of Deploying Project Management Soft Skills on Project Success Rate
Qualitative Analysis
Case Study Analysis
Comparison Between Findings and Literature Review

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Linking with Objectives
Future Research
Research Limitations


Survey Questionnaire

Project Management Soft Skills MBA Dissertation
Project Management Soft Skills MBA Dissertation

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