Supply Chain Perspectives and Resilience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia During and Post the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Focus on the Saudi Logistics Hub (2021)

Supply Chain Resilience Dissertation – Covid-19 has had significant impact on global economy. Even though some businesses have tried to remain active, most have been adversely affected. The lockdown by most countries has considerably affected the global trade. Therefore, it is impossible for businesses or companies to acquire raw materials from other regions or countries. That has left many companies vulnerable with some taking austerity measures like laying off employees to survive. One of the most affected sectors is the supply chain and logistics. In Saudi Arabia, the supply chain sector has been devastated by the pandemic.

Given its status as the leading logistics hub in the Middle East region, the impact on supply chain sector in Saudi Arabia has directly and indirectly affected other countries as well. In a bid to evaluate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on supply chain sector, this study focused on supply chain perspectives and resilience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during and post Covid-19 pandemic with primary focus on Saudi Logistics Hub.

This study used exploratory research method and the data was collected using explorative survey research strategy. The data used was largely qualitative. The researcher interviewed five decision makers in Saudi Arabia and thematic analysis was used in analysis of the qualitative data.

The findings from the study showed that Saudi Arabia was adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and there was sharp fluctuation in demand. Further, there was disruption in transportation and closure of business due to government directive to lockdown the country. Many people lost their jobs during Covid-19 period.

Regardless, the study showed that most supply chain companies managed to remain active due to their resilience. Some began using technology and digitalization while others allowed employees to work from home. Some assigned added responsibilities to employees to cover those that were absent.

Without doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on how companies relate and conduct their business. With most countries locked down during the pandemic, supply chain companies have had to device ways to survive during the pandemic.

While some companies have decided to scale down in terms of cutting or reducing their human resource, some have remained resilient and have taken advantage of the pandemic to fill economic gaps and find other opportunities. In Saudi Arabia, supply chain companies have had torrid period.

Dissertation objectives

  • To determine how Saudi Logistics Hub can establish supply chain resilience measures that can aid in mitigating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • To establish how the supply chain companies through Saudi Logistics Hub can quickly adapt and serve in order to realize the minimal needs of the general society and the economy
  • To determine how Saudi Logistics Hub can utilize innovative technologies in mitigating the impact of severe risks especially during disruptions brought by Covid-19 pandemic

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1 – Introduction
Research Questions
Project Objectives
Significance of Study
Managerial Relevance
Scientific Implication

2 – Literature Review
Covid-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Global Supply Chains
Importance of Supply Chain Resilience
Improving the Resilience of Supply Chains
Knowledge Management and Information Sharing
Lean Production
Subcontracting capacities
Backup transportation
Supply infrastructures
Improved Adaptability of the Supply Chain
Innovative Technologies in Supply Chain Resilience
Previous Research on Supply Chain Resilience during Disasters
Chapter Summary

3 – Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Methodological Choices
Research Strategy
Data Collection, Sampling and Analysis
Data Analysis
Research Ethics

4 – Analysis and Results
Theme 1: Impacts of Covid-19 on Saudi Arabia Supply Chain
Interruptions in supply
Delays in delivery
Fluctuations in demand
Operational challenges
Redefinition of quality
Theme 2: Supply Chain Resilience Measures
Labour-related measures
Diverse Sourcing
Use of demand forecasting models
Reduction of costs
Government incentives
Reassessing long term and short term plans
Increasing inventory and finding more localized storage
Finding new business opportunities
Theme 3: How Technology is being used to Enhance Supply Chain Resilience
Facilitating remote working
Facilitating e-commerce
Facilitating health and safety protocols
Enabling End-to-End Visibility of the Supply Chain

5 – Discussion and Conclusion
Chapter Introduction
Discussion of Findings
Impacts of Covid-19 on the Supply Chain of the Saudi Logistics Sector
Resilience Measures for the Supply Chain during the Pandemic
Role of Technology in Saudi’s Supply Chain Resilience during Pandemic
Implications for Theory and Practice
Conclusion and Recommendations
Limitations of the Study and Opportunities for Future Research


Supply Chain Resilience Dissertation
Supply Chain Resilience Dissertation

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