Using Change Management to Improve Turnaround Time and Quality Processes in a Clinical Laboratory Environment (2011)

This dissertation analysed key aspects of operation relevant to the described processes, and sought to improve these areas following the implementation of a strategically designed initiative formed according to the HSE change model. The goal of the project was to apply change management strategies to improve efficiency and quality processes, with the intention of significantly improving turnaround time, quality processes and organisation, and safety amid routine operations. The project targeted a clinical chemistry lab within a substantially sized hospital. At this location, the key employees and managers were surveyed two separate times regarding the exact same processes and aspects (once before the implementation of a strategic change initiative modelled, and again after the change implementation).

Employees in key positions were also interviewed, to provide a minor supplement to the project as their perspectives revealed aspects of internal function. The improvements of processes and reaction to the change are presented and discussed in detail. Based on the comparative analysis of the first and second questionnaire distribution results, as well as the supplemental information revealed through the interview responses, the change initiative modelled on HSE was found to be successful.

The most successful elements of the change were the improved turnaround time within processes, the increased effectiveness of quality processes, and improvements in aspects of employee morale. Further progressive development is possible through follow-up initiatives, although changes on a larger scale would require the action or permission of higher authorities within the facility.

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1: Introduction
Rationale for Carrying Out the Change

2: Literature Review
Search Strategy
Overview of the Literature
Methods and
Population and Sampling
Data Collection
Validity and Reliability

3: Methods
Change Process
Facility Conditions and Preparing for Change
Change Management and Objectives of Change
Measuring the Change Process
Expected Outcomes of the Change Process
Change Model
Health Service Executive (HSE) Change Model
Application of the HSE Change Model in Developing Model Change Initiative

4: Evaluation
Evaluation Tools
Methods of Result Evaluation
Processes in Evaluation
Outcomes of Change
Changes in Questionnaire and Facility Records
Changes in Interview Outcomes

5: Discussions and Conclusions
Strengths and Limitations of the Project
Implications of the Change for Management
Recommendations for Future Improvements
Reflections on the Project



Change Management to Improve Turnaround Time and Quality Processes Dissertation
Change Management to Improve Turnaround Time and Quality Processes Dissertation

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