An Examination of Push and Pull Forces Driving Women’s Entrepreneurial Spirit in India (2021)

Women Entrepreneurs Dissertation – The aim of this dissertation is to explore the push-pull theory regarding women’s entrepreneurship in India. Similar to women in other parts of the world, Indian women are progressively broadening their horizons and gaining recognition in the professional domain. They are no longer confined to traditional domestic roles. Various factors, including social, economic, political, psychological, and familial influences, are motivating women to initiate their own businesses and enter the entrepreneurial sphere. The motivation for women to engage in entrepreneurship is driven by a combination of push and pull factors. Some women are prompted by negative aspects such as the lack of suitable employment opportunities and dissatisfaction with existing working conditions. Conversely, others are drawn into entrepreneurship by their passion and creativity.

This research seeks to analyze these factors and assess the extent of their impact. It includes a comprehensive review of existing literature that explores the diverse factors influencing women in entrepreneurship, accompanied by relevant facts and figures. The push-pull theory is examined, supported by detailed charts and graphical evidence. The central research question posed is “How does the push-pull theory influence women entrepreneurs in India?” The paper adopts an inductive research approach, exploring the emerging phenomenon of women entrepreneurship. The qualitative data collection and analysis method involve semi-structured interviews with women entrepreneurs in India. The results of the interviews are analyzed, followed by a comprehensive discussion on various aspects related to women entrepreneurship in India.

Dissertation objectives

  • Investigate the social, economic, political, psychological, and family factors that have contributed to the transformation of women’s roles in India
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of both push and pull factors influencing women’s decisions to become entrepreneurs in India
  • Assess the impact of women’s entrepreneurship on economic development in India
  • Investigate the role of education in empowering women to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions

  • 10,000 words – 46 pages
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for entrepreneurship students

1 – Introduction
Dissertation Aim
Dissertation Objectives

2 – Literature Review
Women’s role in business and entrepreneurship
Facts and Figures about Women Entrepreneurs in India
Push and Pull Theory

3 – Research Methodology
The research question: How does push and pull theory influence women entrepreneurs in India?
Research Philosophy – Interpretivism
Research Approach – Inductive
Research Method – Qualitative
Research Methodology – Phenomenology
Typology of Phenomenological Methodologies
Insider Research
Time Horizon and Sampling – Cross-sectional
Research Ethics
Data Collection and Data Analysis

4 – Findings and Analysis
Women in Entrepreneurship
Reasons for being in business
Duration in business
Number of employees
Level of education and entrepreneurship
Level of education of the women interviewed
The “man” factor in entrepreneurship
Country factor in entrepreneurship
Level of satisfaction from business
Exclusion of point of interest
Push-Pull Factors

5 – Conclusion


Survey Questions

Women Entrepreneurs India Dissertation
Women Entrepreneurs India Dissertation

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