Economic crisis rarely occur but if they occur, they usually have a big impact on a country’s economy. The great depression is an economic crisis that hit almost the entire universe having originated from the United States of America in the beginning of the 1929. The great depression lasted for ten years having ended in 1939 . Never has there been a very long and severe depression witnessed in the history of the world. The depression resulted to sudden turn down in the rate of the output being produced, which resulted to unemployment . Having being ranked second as the biggest crisis to be witnessed on earth with civil war sailing on the top, it is clear to see that the great depression is a topic that will forever remain engraved in our books. The effect of the great depression varied across the planet as in some countries the depression was severe while in some it hit them mildly. One of the countries that suffered greatly from the great depression is the United States of America. In addition to that, Europe also suffered severely from the great depression unlike Latin America and Japan, which was not, affected that much

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