Six shocks will initiate the macroeconomic coordination process (MCP) of an organization. These shocks are external (they do not respond to a prior change in the level of interest rates or in the level of GDP) and involve an initial rise or fall in GDP, APE, or ASF. The shocks may occur either in singular, combination or in sequence. In this chapter, three shocks will be considered namely; an increase in APE, an increase in ASF, and a decrease in GDP. A common feature of the three shocks is that after initial the funding adjustment, the level of funded demand is likely to exceed the currently available domestic supply of goods and services (GDP < APE = ASF). In this chapter, it is assumed that the economy has a macroeconomic equilibrium i.e. GDP = APE = ASF. In this type of economy, several things are constant. These include levels of employment, output, interest rates, and prices. In addition, an assumption that no other shocks will be prevailing prior to this shock will be made

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