Future Influence on American Trade Policy toward China Essay – The issue that is of concern is the future influence of trade policies that United States enforces on Asia under the trump’s administration. Trump has recently shown some signs concerning the Asian foreign policy that he wants to enforce and are more likely to trigger trade war between China, as well as the United States allies and other trade partners. The aim of this paper is to provide a forecast on the outcome of such trump’s Asia policy by applying the predictioneer’s games software developed by Bruce Bueno De Mesquita (Grabau, & Hegelich, 2016).

The predictioneer’s games software has been very helpful in predicting the future on what influence the trump’s Asia policy will have. The software by Bueno De Mesquita is a computer model based on a game theory and assists in predicting the future with remarkable accuracy. Mesquita has utilized this game theory as it provides insights to predict political, financial and even personal future events. Using the software, I managed to get the output as presented in the appendix.

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