Global Energy Security Order: Deconstructing The Security Debate

An overview of the energy security debate brings forth genuine differences of policy orientation, flowing from the several paradigms, and occurring in at least three key areas. First, to what extent does the old energy security model fulfills the domestic or global energy problem. Second, how much influence does it assign to the United States as a powerful actor in the world oil market? Third, what policy instruments are available and best suited to achieve domestic and foreign policy requirements?

There is no definite agreement among scholars on these questions. The responses vary depending upon the different paradigms, which is applied to examine the issue. Whether a paradigm, or more appropriately, a personal operational code informed by a paradigm interprets the oil problem as a foreign policy or domestic issue can have important consequences for the general orientation of energy policy. If defined as international in cause and cure, then one set of national goals emerges as primary: perhaps breaking OPEC or restraining its international economic and political influence, forging an anti OPEC consumer alliance or developing a rapid deployment force. If, on the other hand, the oil problem is primarily domestic, other imperatives come to the fore, such as national industrial adaptation to higher prices or a program of demand restraint. Each interpretation also implies the mobilization of a specific constituency and the alienation of another.

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1: Deconstructing The Global Energy Security
Energy Security: The Concept
Theoretical Framework
The Construction Of A Concept

2: Energy: The Changing Context Of Geopolitics
The Changing Geopolitics Of Oil
Globalisation And The Emerging Geo – Economics

3: Securing Global Energy Infrastructure: Issues Before Energy Security Infrastructure
Offshore Oil And Gas Security Infrastructure
Fixed Production Platforms
Floating Production And Storage Facilities
Mobile Drilling Facilities
Oil Tankers
LNG Tankers
LPG Tankers
Identifying Security Risks
Offshore Oil And Gas Security Assessment
Maritime Security Infrastructure
Asian Energy Security Infrastructure
East Asia And The World Energy Outlook, 2002 To 2030
Types Of Disruptions

4: Redefining The Energy Security Framework
Asia’s Energy Strategy
Fluctuation Of Oil Price
Safety Of International Shipping Lanes And Pipe Lines
Rethinking The “Establishing Oil Supply Base Abroad” Policy
Rethinking Asia –West Relationship
Rivalry And Cooperation Among Asian Economies



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