The Role of Free Trade and Openness in the Growth and Development of South Asia (2016)

Free trade and openness in economy is that mode which can change the dimensions of the economy of any nation. Whether it is developed nation or under developed, the model of the economy they are using will have a high effect on the growth and development of their economy. South Asia is considered to be the under developing region of the world. But, we can see that there is a rapid change in the growth of this region in past few years. The countries of this region always have provided the world with highly contrasting facts and images about the economy and business sector.

The subcontinent has a little tip top of exceptionally well off individuals and a vast and developing white collar class. South Asia has very nearly one 50% of the world’s poor despite the fact that it has just 20% of the world’s populace. In 1997 the Pakistan-based Human Improvement Center called the subcontinent the poorest, the most unskilled, the most malnourished, and the slightest delicate – to be sure the most denied – area of the world. In this dissertation, we are going to study the effect of the openness and free trade on the growth and development of the South Asia. The data will be collected from various previous researches and the facts and figures will be taken from the published material of the World Bank.

Dissertation Objectives

  • Assess how free trade and openness can contribute towards the growth and development of South Asia
  • Analyse how free trade and openness can improve the economy of the under developed nations
  • 10,000 words – 38 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for economics students

1: Introduction
Rationale of the Study
Background of the Study
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Significance of the Study
Limitations of the Study
Primary Data Limitations
Secondary Data Limitations
Ethical Considerations
Dissertation Structure

2: Literature Review
Trade Openness and Economic Growth
Trade Liberalization and South Asian Economies
Theoretical Model

3: Methodology
Data Collection
Econometric Model
Meade–Lipsey and Wonnacott–Wonnacott Models

4: Findings and Discussions

5: Conclusion


Free Trade and Openness in the Growth and Development of South Asia
Free Trade and Openness in the Growth and Development of South Asia

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