Exploring the Internationalization of the Sharing Economy Countries (2018)

This dissertation sets out to explore the sharing economy and challenges facing the internationalization of the companies operating within this economy classification. The study has prepared some recommendations on the definitions derived from the sharing economy topology. The topology of this study has been established from the qualitative analysis of various sharing economies from different industries. The models that have been relatively exhausted by the study include Access-based, Marketplace and On-demand business models.

The paper has also expounded on the physical resources and their implications on the internationalization prospects of a company. The contributions of this dissertation are both practical and theoretical, and the information provided herein is valuable to the ‘exploding’ sharing economy. In addition, the categorization of the business models provided in this dissertation is crucial for strategizing the internationalization objectives of the company. The dissertation with no doubt provides a basis for future research on the profitability, life cycle and efficiency indicators for the sharing economy countries. The practical implications that have been established in the proposed business model include but are not limited to deriving specific business models for specific companies, launching new and competitive products in the global markets and pursuing internationalization.

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1 – Introduction

2 – Literature Review
Sharing Economy
Business Model Framework
Sharing Economy Model
Internationalization of the Sharing Economy

3 – Research Methodology
Research Method
Company Selection

4 – Data Analysis
Business Models of Sharing
Marketplace Business Model
The Access-Based Business Model
In-demand Services Providers Model
The Problem of Internationalization
The Management Practice of Sharing Economy Companies

5 – Discussions
Business Models of Sharing Companies
Internationalization and Management Practices of the Sharing Companies

6 – Conclusions
Practical Implications


Internationalization of the Sharing Economy Countries Dissertation
Internationalization of the Sharing Economy Countries Dissertation

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