The Primary Teacher And The Impact Of Their Role On Teaching Dyslexic Children

Teaching Dyslexic Children Dissertation – The purpose of this dissertation aimed to reveal teachers perspectives on their role and how they felt it impacted on children with dyslexia. Through adopting a qualitative approach to the research, participants were asked to voice their opinions surrounding the subject of dyslexia in the classroom and how they feel their role impacts on this specific learning difficulty.

In order to fulfil the aims of the study semi structured interviews were used. The response were then analysed under four headings: dyslexia and special educational needs; training; inclusion; and teaching styles and compared with recent relevant literature. The study concludes that teachers perspectives on teaching children with dyslexia suggest that, as dyslexia is a complex learning difficulty in which each individual person who has dyslexia is as different as the person themselves, to teach children with dyslexia requires the teacher to be able to teach children who’s learning styles may differ from those of a child without dyslexia.

However, due to time constraints this is difficult for the teacher and that in turn means that it is also difficult to provide an inclusive classroom due to the number of children in the class and the number of children with dyslexia.

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Research questions

Literature Review
The nature of dyslexia
The policy context relating to dyslexia
Dyslexia friendly schools
Teaching the dyslexic child

Research method
Data collection
Data analysis
Reliability and validity
Ethical Considerations

Data Analysis and Discussion
Dyslexia and special educational needs
Teaching Styles


Limitations and Recommendations

Possible Areas For Further Study




Teaching Dyslexic Children Dissertation
Teaching Dyslexic Children Dissertation

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