Business intelligence (BI) techniques and solutions render decision makers who are involved in different banking segments, to utilize the information resources for effective and timely decision-making. Solutions for business intelligence should not only be comprehensive, but should also be simple so that the end users can use them effectively.

This report has been formulated as a detailed study to render the reader with an insight about key areas of business intelligence in the banking sector. The first part of the report will discuss the specific key banking areas about BI solutions e.g., performance management, risk management, customer relationship management, liability and asset management, and compliance. The second part of the report will render an analysis of the emerging trends and techniques that are being used as BI solutions in the banking sector.

Modern banks are under constant pressure to meet challenges such as increased client expectations, mergers, acquisitions, process automation, market segmentation, and product development. In the midst of all these challenges, they also need to manage the risks, and to harmonize their business activities in line with the international regulations such as BASEL II, AML, and IAS. Effective management is based on decision-making, and such decision-making should be based on reliable and accurate information derived through the bank. Bank stores and generates a large amount of data on a daily basis.

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