Digital Marketing Communications PepsiCo Essay – When the internet came into the limelight in the 21st century, it resulted in numerous platforms for diverse purposes. As the globalization and digitization phenomenon started to gain ground, world economies transitioned from enterprises that sold their products locally into those that marketed their products on a global platform. With the birth of digital marketing, life began moving very fast, with all goods and services, from toilet paper to a plane ticket, just a click away.

The corporate world was moving fast until the Covid-19 pandemic struck towards the end of 2019. Business meetings, plans, and trips came to a sudden halt. Individuals and businesses alike were forced to think dynamically and make a timely diagnosis to enable them to adjust to the sudden changes impacted by the pandemic. Families changed their spending and internet buying habits, according to press reports, with shoppers collapsing supermarket sales to stockpile durable products. Indeed, the pandemic was unplanned and a major setback for people in business to ordinary people. Undoubtedly, all sectors and individuals globally have been impacted by this pandemic.

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