Marketing In A Digital World: A Case Study Of Harrods – The advancement in technology has ushered a new era of e-commerce. The internet has pushed the traditional marketing strategy into the back burners as business organizations struggle to keep up with increasing levels of competition due to globalization. Business organizations have to keep up with the dynamic needs of the modern day customer who is well informed and has access to a variety of choices at the touch of his fingers.

The proliferation of smart phones has further delocalized the internet and the customer is constantly bombarded by marketing gimmicks and adverts the moment he/she goes online. The internet has further introduced new methods of serving the customer off site thus nullifying the need of the customer presenting himself/herself physically on site. Various business organizations have embraced the challenge proffered by the digital world.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have all adopted electronic marketing in order to maintain their presence in the market. This paper will investigate a retail organization, Harrods, located in the United Kingdom and appraise the role of marketing management in light of the challenges posed by the digital age.

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