This report is an analysis and evaluation of Imperial Oil Limited. It will focus mainly on the production of the company’s petroleum products and the services it provides in the downstream portion of the energy industry. All of the information in this report has been obtained from secondary sources such as the internet, library databases, annual reports, and news articles. Using these sources, the history of the company, its relationship with government, demographical influences, products and services, social responsibility, technological development, stakeholders, and financial position will be discussed.Imperial Oil, incorporated September 8, 1880, operates in both upstream and downstream processes within the energy industry. The company has three main business focuses: petroleum products, natural resources, and chemicals; with petroleum products generating the most revenue. Imperial Oil’s services such as Esso gas stations have been well received by consumers. The Esso Extra card and Speedpass are only two of many ideas that have encouraged customers to purchase Imperial Oil’s products. These programs assist consumers in purchasing products more efficiently and with greater benefits such as discounts and rewards for the accumulation of points

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