The primary purpose of the assignment is to discuss, why India is becoming one of the most promising countries for the MNCs as they mark their presence on the global economy. It’s interesting to ponder about the developments that the world’s second most populous nation has undergone since independence. Its ongoing transformation from a closed command economy towards an open one caught the world’s attention. India as a lucrative FDI destination has a lot to offer in terms of its GDP growth, favourable regulatory policies in almost all the sectors, growing clout of the middle class as the symbol for consumerism, younger population which is not only driving consumption but also is learning globally integrating skills, fast developing infrastructure facilities largely deriving inspiration and rightly so from its big brother China and inherent macroeconomic / political stability. Given the limited scope of the study only those parameters shall be considered that make India strongly attractive despite its weaknesses. The same parameters shall be compared with other countries on a random basis to strengthen the argument.

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