M&S Share prices slumped by 49% from 2007 till 2008, and by 11% in 2009, but have steadily risen by 18% in the run up to December 2009. Basic EPS has also reduced from 2007 to 2009 by 17%. 2. Total Sales have steadily risen from 2007 to 2009 and GPM figures (albeit reduced from 2007) are much better than figures revealed by Next over the same period, indicating a preference by the public for M&S products. 3. Whilst the total value of assets of M&S increased by 35% from 2007 to £7.26bil in 2009, Next recorded an 81% increase in total assets over the same period of £1.78bil. Again, whilst this signifies better performance from Next, it also indicates the strong presence M&S has in the Retail Market, and its unrivalled asset portfolio. 4. There was a significant reduction in its ROE by 46%, similarly ROCE has reduced by 37% (due to the increase in value of fixed assets) and the GPM by 4% (all over the same period). In comparison, although M&S does not appear to be as highly geared as Next, higher ROSF figures have been recorded for Next further highlighting better returns to Investors. 5. Improvements are to be expected from the Group, however investors must approach their stock with caution as the worst doesn’t seem to be over

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