This finance paper evaluates the performance of the company Morrisons regarding its comparison with the benchmark of the past year and with its competitor firm Greggs. The introduction which is chapter 1 of the paper provides the briefs of industry, company, methodology used for financial analysis and valuation. The objective of the paper is also provided in the introduction chapter, which is to evaluate the financial performance of Morrisons regarding its profitability, liquidity, gearing and financial position. The chapter 2 and 3 provides the analysis, discussions, calculations, and conclusions of the paper. The chapter 2 can provide with the calculations based on ratio analysis and valuation through the Dividend Growth Model. The chapter gives the analysis and conclusions regarding ratio analysis and valuation through DGM model. The conclusion shows that the ratios even being positive are lower as compared to the competitor company Greggs. Furthermore, the valuation shows that the company is overvalued and thus the investment decision should be to sell the stock and not invest in it

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