It all started when the founder of the company Baidu, Robin Li started looking for algorithms for search engines during his work at the Down Jones. Finally, after two years of work, he was able to come up with the RankDex. It was not a search engine. It was more of a ranking engine which was used to rank pages. During the same period, Larry and Sergey also worked on the same search engine area, trying to develop a logarithm which would enable them to search keywords. These were the one which was then used by Google. Google had already been launched, when Robin was working on his search engine algorithms. However, he did not lose hope and left his job at the company Infoseek and went to China to establish his own business. He started working first as a paid search engine service in 1999. Includes: Debt Summary, Debt Ratios, Profitability Ratios, EPS, Financial Ratios, DCF Computations and Peer Group Analysis

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