The UK financial market is comprised of the stock market and the bond market. The London stock exchange is the exchange which is situated in London considered the third largest stock exchange in the world with the market capitalization of up to USD 6.06 trillion. It is the oldest exchanges, and it can be traced to last 300 years. The primary market of the exchange acts as the issuer and aids the companies to have reached to the capital. It allows the companies to raise money to obtain a market valuation and increase their profile through different routes by following the firm throughout its IPO process. The products traded in the market include the shares, depository’s debt, and receipts. The secondary market is used for trading of the common stock, bonds, covered warrants, structured products, GDRs, and exchange-traded products and funds. The FTSE 100 index is the main market for the shares which is also called the “footsie”

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