A Comparative Analysis into Auditing Practice in Public and Private Enterprises in The UK

Auditing Firms Practice Finance Dissertation – Auditors in the public sector focus on derivatives such as cyber safety, security, performance levels and information systems. On the other hand, auditors from private sectors only provide pieces of information related to financial statements and annual reports and focus more on regulating financial services such as monitoring profits, taxes, and income levels.

This chapter is going to focus on undermining background research based on UK’s public and private auditing firms and provide a definite problem statement in accordance with aim, objective, rationale, and significance. In addition, this chapter is also going to undermine requirements that are needed for the next chapters based on UK’s overall public and private auditing firms.

This research analyses the gap between auditing standards and requirements of UK private and public firms. This analysis between UK’s public and private firms is going to help in finding a gap with the help of outcomes and reliable results. In addition, differentiation between private and public companies in UK is going to significantly reduce turnaround and efficiency rates by 50% and improve rate of profitability and liquidity targets for auditing firms cooperating in the UK in its accounting period.

The primary aim of this research is based on incorporating a financial form of information based on public and private business and auditing firms practising in UK. In addition, this research also aims to investigate differences in financial performance between public and private firms in accordance with revenue, sales, liquidity lines, efficiency methods and overall business success based on UK’s corporate and governance standards.

Research Objectives

  • To investigate differentiation strategies based on audit effectiveness and sales in accordance with audits performed by government authorities and auditing experts
  • To evaluate financial impact based on auditing differences in relation to private and public enterprises
  • To analyse significant challenges and breaches inside the internal environment of private and public firms of UK
  • To recommend necessary strategies for reducing challenges based on UK’s private and public firms in relation to differences in audit techniques

Research Questions

  • What are the impacts of auditing differences in UK’s public and private listed firms?
  • What are the factors that lead to these auditing impacts?
  • What tools and methods can be utilised in controlling the spread of auditing differentiation?
  • How can issues related to auditing be reduced?

  • 12,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for finance students

1 – Introduction
Background Research
Problem statement
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Research Rationale
Significance of research
Dissertation structure

2- Literature Review
Key terms
Accuracy of data by using auditing
Role of Corporate governance
Role of IAF in auditing standards
Usefulness of IAF
Factors affecting audit reports
Firm size
Auditor’s Fees
Auditor’s independence
Auditor’s qualifications
Auditor’s reputation
Conceptual Framework
Literature Gap

3 – Methodology
Literature Search
Outline of research
Research Onion
Research Design
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Ethical Consideration

4 – Results and Discussion
Findings derived from the data
Auditing differences in private sectors
Auditing differences in public sector
Corruption rates in the UK
Major audit failures in UK’s corporate firms
Resurrection of differences
Analysis of data
Analysis of audit failures
Disparities in auditing frameworks and practices
Resurgence policies by companies
Compliance of standards

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations
Overall Conclusion
Linking with objectives
Scope for the future study


Auditing Firms Practice - Finance Dissertation
Auditing Firms Practice – Finance Dissertation

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