A Cross Boarder Analysis Into Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring In Russia Dissertation – Credit scoring systems are used to evaluate potential borrowers of a bank. Volumes of consumer credits increases every year. In transition economies this is much bigger than in developed countries. Hence, such courtiers face with higher credit risks. The process of credit granting, especially credit scoring, is at the lower stage than in developed countries. The purpose of current research is to expose the problems with credit scoring in Russia.

The author wants to discuss obstacles connected with it development. Application forms are the major source of information for credit scoring models. They include complete information about a client. This data reveals present financial condition of a borrower and is used to predict his future behaviour. Systems of credit scoring single out these pieces of information and transform them into scores. By means of these scores banks decide whether or not to grant a credit. In this study researcher assumes that application forms in Russian contain more information about a borrower, because credit scoring systems are at the lower level of development than in UK.

The study makes conclusions based on analysis of application forms from five UK and Russian banks. Comparing application forms from Russian and UK banks, researcher reveals that Russian banks include more information in application forms than those of UK. This fact proves the hypothesis of the study. Further, researcher analyses particular questions, which ask Russian banks and makes conclusions.

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1: Introduction

2: Literature review
Initial procedure of credit granting
Definitions and development of credit scoring
Benefits and criticism of credit scoring
Limitations of credit scoring

3: Methodology
Research philosophy and approach
Research design
The structure and nature of research
Quantitative data
Comparative study
Secondary or primary research
Nature and form of result

4: Overview of Russian banking sector
Description of Russian banking sector
Segmentation of Russian banking industry
Retail loan market
Credit scoring in Russia

5: Findings and analysis

6: Conclusions




Credit Scoring In Russia Dissertation
Credit Scoring In Russia Dissertation

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