The Future Of Securitisation. Is Securitisation History? Its Impact And Influence On The Banking Sector

Securitisation and the Banking Sector Dissertation – This dissertation investigates the various aspects of securitization, aiming to give a comprehensive understanding of the issues evolving around it. The study here focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of securitization, which according to some has been the root cause or at the core of the current global financial turmoil. Asset backed securitization originated in the US in 1968 and subsequently attracted European countries to embrace it.

Ever since has seen an unprecedented growth in its usage. Realising the potential, many institutions adopted the securitization as a model, however now many institutions have now found their fingers burnt in the very process which was yielding high returns. The purpose of this report is also to analyse and reflect upon the future of Securitization and aspects of how the financial institutions, especially banking sector would evolve in the medium to long term.

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1: Introduction

2: Research Methodology
Research Objective
Research Methods
Qualitative Research

3: Overview to Securitisation
Character and Nature of Securitisation
Why Securitise Assets
Lower Cost of Funding
An Efficient Funding Instrument
Increases Liquidity
Improving Balance Sheet Structure
Drawbacks of Securitisation
Market Risk
Credit Risk
Default Risk
Prepayment Risk
Liquidity Risk
Types of Securitisation
Asset Backed Securities (ABS)
Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO)
CDE Ratings and Risks
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)
Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)
Structure of Securitised Asset

4: Case Studies
Case Study – Northern Rock
Background & History
Northern Rock and Securitization
Funding Crisis at Northern Rock
Case Study – Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns and Securitisations

5: The Impact and Future
The Impact of Credit Crunch on the Banking and Financial Sector
How Did the Impact Spread?
The Impact and Future of the Banks
Increased Role of Regulatory Authorities
Capital Adequacy
Leverage Ratios
Accounting Disclosure
Transparency and Senior Management Compensation
Role of Sovereign Funds and Wealthy Investors
Emergence of the Universal Bank
Shift towards the Eastern Developing Economies
The Impact and Future of Securitisation
Securitisation Failed To Diversify or Disperse the Risk Effectively
Securitisation Degrades the Credit Quality
Role of Credit Rating Agencies

Appendix Section


Securitisation and the Banking Sector Dissertation
Securitisation and the Banking Sector Dissertation

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