Cause and Effect Relationships of Financial Service Firms with the UK Economy (2010)

The focus in this dissertation is the cause and effect relationships of financial service firms with the UK economy. Aside from the obvious importance in supplying the UK’s residents with means to actively participate in the economy, financial services in the region relate to the economy in other indirect ways worthy of consideration. Many changes in the past decades as well as recently have called important phenomena to the attention of developers and analysts, while the financial crisis has revealed the potential for compounded risk to have damaging economic effects.

Meanwhile, the need for improved measurement techniques has been realized, and regulations have been implemented or proposed to pursue improvement in this area as well. The following considers the extent of the cause and effect relationships of financial service organizations with the UK economy, while being mindful of globalization trends, foreign exchange, and the potential of recent and future developments. Consideration is given to a spectrum of financial services and influences of the overall industry, while recent figures and expert opinions are provided in attempt to shed light on the true nature of the industry (and how it can be improved to better stimulate the economy).

The following further explores what approaches can be made in terms of improved service which facilitates stimulation, however recommendations are mindful of importance of accurate measurement techniques as a critical foundation to such initiatives. Ultimately, this study concludes that the cause and effect relationships of financial organizations are so great that the primary focus in development should remain on accurate assessment, with secondary emphasis should be placed on balancing the gain from investment and risk with the security of backup procedures. While the UK economy has undergone major changes amid varying stability in recent decades, the future will be dependent the ability for influence to be accurately measured and the ability for services to adapt to changing conditions.

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1: Introduction
Financial Service Organizations and the UK Economy
UK Financial and Economic Statistics
Research Direction
Research Questions and Hypotheses
Methodology, Ethics, and Limitations
Dissertation Structure

2: Literature Review
Role of Financial Services and Organizations
Effects of Financial Services on UK Citizens and Businesses
UK Residents
UK Business Owners
Influential Trends: Competition, Globalization, and Threats
Social Influential Potential on Organizational Structure: The Case of Islamic Financial Institutions
The Influence of Stock Exchange and Additional Business Relationships

3: Research Methodology
Research Objectives and Direction
Research Questions and Hypotheses
Data Analysis
Ethics and Limitations

4: Analysis And Discussion
Continuing and Changing Trends
Relationship of UK Economy and Financial Services with Foreign Entities
Strategic Developments and Influence
Domestic and Foreign Business
Stock Exchange and Private Equity
Current and Potential Roles of FISIM

5: Conclusions And Recommendations


Appendix A: IFSL Diagrams of UK Economic Contribution
Appendix B: Behavioural Charts of UK Financial Services
Appendix C: Miscellaneous Figures

Cause and Effect Relationships UK Financial Services Dissertation
Cause and Effect Relationships UK Financial Services Dissertation

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