An Analysis into Corporate Social Responsibility Activity in Banks Before and After the Financial Crisis (2012)

The recent financial crisis that was caused mainly because of the irresponsible behaviour of the financial institutions left a dent on the reputation of the banking industry. The UK market is still recovering from the crisis and the banks are developing new strategies to regain the trust of its consumers, investors and other stakeholders. One of the strategies actively being used by the banking industry is that of corporate social responsibility.

The present study explores the concept and use of corporate social responsibility in the banking industry of UK before and after the financial crisis. The recent financial crisis had an impact on the banking industry as highlighted by the current report. The collapse of large financial giants due to their irresponsible behaviour and policies lead to distress in the economies worldwide due to globalisation. Consequently the financial crisis brought bad name to the banking institutions as well.

However, in recent year there is an increasing trend of adoption of corporate social responsibility. In fact the companies world over are now using it as a strategy to recover from the negatives effects of financial crises. The current research also looked at the change in these CSR practices before and after the financial crisis.

The present study is conducted in a sequential manner and is divided into several sections. It is mainly a research based study that employed both secondary and primary sources were employed. A case study method was used and two large banks operating in UK were chosen; RBS and HSBC Holdings. The present section of the study provides an introduction for the study and outlines its aim and objectives and research questions to guide the rest of the study.

The present study is aimed at studying the corporate social responsibility of banks before and after the financial crisis. The research aim would be achieved by the following objectives:

  • To study the importance of CSR by reviewing extant literature on the subject
  • To study how CSR was related to the recent financial crisis
  • To evaluate the CSR practices in banks before financial crises
  • To evaluate how CSR practices have changed and how it is perceived by the management after the financial crisis

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1. Introduction
Research aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Problem statement
Company Background
Royal Bank of Scotland
HSBC Holdings
Dissertation Structure

2. Literature Review
CSR Concept and Definition
CSR and Business Ethics
Agency Theory
Stakeholder Theory
Corporate Governance
Sustainable Development
Motives Underlying CSR
Internal Motives
External Motives
Use of Industry Standards
Globalisation and Social Expectations
Banks and Corporate Social Responsibility
Conceptual Framework for Study

3. Research Methodology
Research Paradigm
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Evaluation of Alternative Strategies
Grounded Theory
Experimental Research
Research Instruments
Research participants
Reliability and Validity
Research Ethics

4. Data Collection and Analysis
Data Analysis Technique
Thematic Analysis
Data Analysis
Impact of Financial Crises
Meaning of Corporate social responsibility
Changes to CSR
Motives for CSR
Internal Motives
External Motives

5. Conclusion and Recommendations
Recommendations for Future Research


Appendix Section

Impact of Financial Crisis Dissertation
Impact of Financial Crisis Dissertation

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