Implementation of Microfinance (2013)

Implementation of Microfinance Dissertation – Microfinance is the topic of interest for majority of economists because of its positive impacts on the economy of the country. The importance of micro finance has been increased over the last couple of years both for the developing and developed countries. Research shows that more than 85% of the people living in the under developed countries don’t have access to the financial services and that’s why the governments are not able to control the Vicious Circle of Poverty.

If the capital is not available to the citizens of the country then they cannot make investments which results in low income and productivity and ultimately domestic saving will be low and is a proven fact that if savings of any country is low then there will be less amount of capital available for investment. This increases the importance of microfinance which provides financial services and capital for investment to the low income groups in order to support them which are quite helpful in improving their standard of living of the people and thus increases the per capita income of the country.

The financial services are not only limited with the credit but it also includes insurance, funds transfer and wide range of other services. Due to increasing inflation and global financial crisis, microfinance is not only important for the developing nations but it is also equally important for the developed countries. Microfinance is an economic development approach to help the poor and low income people.

Its aim is to help the poor and low income people by providing them the various financial services like insurance and payment services, small loans for working capital, collective substitutes, like group guarantee or mandatory savings, permission to get again and big loans on the basis of repayment performance. Microfinance customers are mainly traders, street shopkeepers, small farmers and service providers. They are getting stable income from their works but still they are poor. In the world 500 million people are running small businesses in the world. Dissertation objectives;

  • To determine the practical aspects and implementation of microfinance in today’s scenario and its role in all three types of economies i.e. Under-developed, developing and in the developed economy
  • To identify the role of microfinance in the forthcoming future
  • To identify the challenges faced by the Micro Finance institution during their operations like financial, administrative issues etc
  • To identify the role of micro finance in improving the living standard of the people which are living below the poverty line
  • 15,000 words – 70 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for international finance students

1: Introduction
About Microfinance
Features of Microfinance
Components of Microfinance
Research Objectives
Research Question

2: Literature Review
Importance of Microfinance
Financial Tools of Microfinance
Types of Microfinance
Micro Finance Institutions
Significance of Microfinance Institutions In India
Micro Loans
Types of Microcredit Programmes
Microfinance Penetration
Microfinance in the UK
Social Exclusion and Poverty Elevation in the UK
Organizations of Microfinance in the UK
Probable Grid of Microfinance
Source of Income
Value Attributes of Microfinance
Microfinance as a Tool of Poverty Alleviation
Relative Low Indicators
Low Income Dynamics
Economics of Microfinance
Economically Active and Extremely Poor
The Globalization of Microfinance

3: Research Method and Methodology
Research Methodology

4: Research Findings
Awareness about Microfinance
Banks Provides Microfinance Facility
Research Protocols
Limitations of Study

5: Final Conclusions


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Implementation of Microfinance Dissertation
Implementation of Microfinance Dissertation

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