Low Risk Alternative Investments for Small Business (2014)

Low Risk Investments for Small Business Dissertation – Companies adopt many different investment strategies in order to ensure that investments bring excellent returns and ultimately increase profits. A business owner, whether they are the manager of a small business or the director of a large, international corporation, knows that investment is the key to successful and sustained growth, and perhaps for some organisations, investment can determine its survival. However, as it has been demonstrated many times over in recent years, investing does have its drawbacks. A wrong investment decision could have catastrophic consequences for an organisation and result in significant financial losses.

Success depends upon the size and type of organisation as to the investment strategy which is adopted and also where, when, and the extent of the investment. Small businesses are especially damaged by the loss of an investment, and experts or specialists within the field of a particular investment should be consulted in order to ensure a good return on investment is probable. Investing intelligently in an item that will most likely give a good return, rather than overspending due to an emotional attachment, is crucial for any investor acting on the part of a small business.

Investments of any kind require an essential and necessary component in order to stand any chance of success. This component is money, which is particularly sparse in smaller companies. In turn, the lack of funds for a large investment makes investing difficult for a small organisation. However, small businesses often begin their investments by advertising to generate more customers, sales and higher profits, which then produce more capital for investments. Large companies, on the other hand, often have substantial amounts of capital at their disposal and can make multiple investments, using several investment strategies to increase their profits while ensuring that risks and potential losses are as low as possible. This dissertation will answer the following research questions:

  • How can an alternative investment method be defined?
  • What are the main, safe alternative investment opportunities currently available?
  • What is the best alternative investment for a small business when there is a choice between gold coins, stamps, and art?
  • 18,000 words – 64 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for finance and investment management students

1 – Introduction
Research Questions

2 – Review of Literature
Literature for Stamp Collecting
Literature for Art Investment
Literature for Gold Coin Investment

3 – Methodology and Theoretical Framework
Research Approach
Research Instruments

4 – Research Analysis
Stamp Investment
Art Investment
Gold Coins as Investments

5 – Conclusion


Ex Post: The Investment Performance Of Collectible Stamps
Collecting Category Indices And S&P 500 Total Return Index (1956-2006)
Compound Annual Return: American Art Index vs. Financial Indices
Dow Jones Index (Djia) and Gold Nominal Prices
Dow Jones Index (Djia) and Gold Inflation Adjusted Annual Returns

Low Risk Investments for Small Business Dissertation
Low Risk Investments for Small Business Dissertation

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