Impact of FDI from Developing Countries to Developed Countries: A Case Study of Foxconn Technology Group (2018)

This dissertation seeks to formulate a conclusive opinion on FDI from developing countries to developed economies. In the past, FDI was from developed countries to other developed nations or developing countries. Third world multinational enterprises have growth and this has led to a shift in the flow of FDI in the global economy.

This dissertation has reviewed the literature regarding the trend and the general FDI in the host and home economies. To build up an understanding on the literature and come up with an irrefutable opinion, Foxconn Technology Group recent $10 billion investment in the United States is the case study we use to investigate the research topic. Foxconn is a Taiwanese company that has made penetration in the developed economies markets.

The case study gives a review of the real-life trends on how third world multinationals are influencing their FDI outflows in the developed economies. Additionally, this research focuses on giving an understanding of FDI, reasons influencing developing countries FDI outflows to developed countries and the impact of FDI on both the recipient and home nations.

The literature available has created a research gap on the recent trend of FDI from developing economies to developed economies. The literature available purposefully focuses on foreign direct investment in general and the reasons behind FDI towards developing countries from developed nations. This research will focus on filling in the research gap that is available to capture the reverse impact of FDI to developed countries from developing countries and the drivers of this shift in trend.

The reversion of this trend has intrigued my research by focusing on identifying the drivers of FDI, the reasons for the shift in FDI from developing economies to developed nations and its impact to the world economy, host country, and the foreign country. The research will focus on meeting the set of objectives created to guide the structure of this research. Further, the research will focus on a real-life case study of the Foxconn Technology Group and their investment in America. It will help us investigate the drivers of FDI to developed economies and the impact on the economy of the United States and that of Taiwan (home country of Foxconn Technology Group).

Dissertation objectives

  • To determine what Foreign Direct Investment is
  • To investigate the reasons behind the shift of FDI from developing nations to developed nations
  • To explore the impact of the FDI on the home nation and the host nation
  • 10,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for finance students

1 – Introduction
Research Objectives
Research Hypothesis
Research Questions
Research Framework

2 – Literature Review
Theoretical Background
Conceptual Framework
Reasons for FDI from Developing Countries to Developed Countries
Impact of FDI from Developing countries to Developed countries
Focused Research Problem

3 – Research Methodology and Design
Research Design

4 – Results, Analysis and Discussion
Data Collection and Findings
Data Analysis

5 – Conclusion
Evaluation of the Study and Scope for Further Research


FDI from Developing Countries Dissertation
FDI from Developing Countries Dissertation

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