Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Financial Performance – Focus on Korea (2019)

This dissertation will be focusing on the impact Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has on the financial performance of firms in Korea. Based on surveys from five different countries, CSR policies are more strongly observed in Korea, hence Korea will be the main focal point of this dissertation. Most organizations have corporate responsibility (CR), a set of formally-written principals enforced throughout the organization’s business operations, through policies and in practical decision making.

A company with a good sense of corporate responsibility maintains constant and clear dialogue with employees and stakeholders. It is crucial for a company to understand the importance of its social responsibilities towards its stakeholders, and to ensure that the work environment complies with the law.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values go above and beyond the interests of firms, whereupon the profits are better utilized in promoting the company or marketing a brand image, while being mindful of employee relations, ethics, community relations as well as legal obligations). However, financial and economic crisis has pushed organizations towards applying greater emphasis for generating higher profits and growing their businesses, instead of concentrating on social responsibility aspects.

Firms are more invested in their futures than on contributing towards the society. According to previous research carried out in the past, a company that is mindful of its corporate as well as social responsibilities, has a much higher chance of succeeding than others. However, conflicting studies have raised questions upon the value of corporate social responsibility.

So, the most fundamental question today is: Does corporate social responsibility affect a firm and its stakeholders? If so, how, to what level and extent? Also, if firms have to forgo profits, then why go through with integrating CSR?

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1 – Introduction
Dissertation Aims and Objectives
Statement of Problem

2 – Literature Review
Theoretical Framework
Empirical Findings

3 – Research Methodology and Data
Nature of Research and Methodology
Main Problem
Sub-problem 1 – Employee Relations
Sub-problem 2 – Community Relations
Corporate Financial Performance (CFP) of firms
Return on Assets (ROA)
Return on Equity (ROE)
Tobin’s Q
Corporate Financial Performance Control Variables
Corporate Social Responsibility
The KEJI Index
The KEJI Index Variables
Corporate Social Responsibility Variables
Data Sampling
Ethical Statement

4 – Analysis and Findings
Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis
Carhart’s Four-Factor Model (Estimation)

5 – Results and Findings
Limitations of Analysis


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Dissertation
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Dissertation

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