Impact Of Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Satisfaction and Turnover: A Review of The UK Retailing Industry (2022)

Employee Satisfaction and Turnover Dissertation – Sound human resource management practices are important and key to enhancing the satisfaction of the employees towards their job roles and responsibilities in the workplace. Human resource management practices include job security, performance management, compensation management, financial benefits, collaborative practices in decision-making, etc. These are essential as per the current scenario of the market and workplace which promotes better encouragement among employees. Moreover, the overall study is based on human resources practices and their impact on employee’s satisfaction and turnover across the retailing sector of the UK.

Furthermore, in the overall study, primary and secondary research has been used to collect a wider range of information and data related to the research topic. The survey was conducted among 65 respondents who are part of retailing companies. Along with that, the secondary research was based on different journal articles and research papers from recent years to collect the information and data as per recent scenarios. Furthermore, qualitative and quantitative research methods have been used to develop an understanding of human resources management practices and their impact on satisfaction with the support of numerical and theoretical aspects.

From both the research approaches and methods, it was identified that human resource management practices have an important role in employee satisfaction and turnover because employees require better facilities, stability at the workplace, and also the management of their performance. However, retailing companies require to follow current trends related to human resource practices such as flexible working hours, easy access to information through digital channels, communication through applications, etc. These can assist in creating a better environment for the workplace and also retain the employees for better growth of the organisation.

The retailing industry is one of those affected by Covid-19 and in the current scenario, the retailing sector rapidly changes its strategies and working process. It requires effective human resource practices to assist in better development of growth by creating complex social relations and also generating the appropriate knowledge for the organization to sustain the competitive benefits. The current HRM practices have a major role in employee satisfaction and turnover. There are different roles are associated with the HR department which should be fulfilled to enhance employee satisfaction in the workplace. It successfully contributes toward organizational growth in the market.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To analyse the concept of human resource management.
  • To identify the human resource management practices in the current business world
  • To understand the role of employee satisfaction and turnover in organizational growth
  • To analyze the impact of human resource management practices on employee satisfaction and turnover in the retailing sector of the UK
  • To analyse the motivation factors and current trends to enhance the employee satisfaction and their turnover

  • 14,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Research Rationale
Research Problem
Dissertation Aim
Dissertation Objectives
Research Questions
Research Significance
Research Structure

2 – Literature Review
Concept of Human Resource Management at The Workplace
Current Human Resource Management Practices in The Sustainable Growth of Organisation
Employee Satisfaction and Turnover
Impact of Internal and External Factors on Employee Engagement
Motivation Factors, Employee Satisfaction and Staff Turnover
Relation Between Motivation and Job Happiness in The Workplace
Current Motivation Factors and Trends to Enhance Employee Satisfaction and Turnover in The Retailing Sector
Role of Human Resource Management Practices in Employee Satisfaction in The Retailing Industry Across The UK
Current Trends of Human Resource Practices to Enhance Employee Satisfaction in The Retailing Industry Across UK

3 – Research Methodology
Research Process
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Choice of Methods
Time Horizon
Sampling Approach
Validity and Reliability
Ethical Implications

4 – Analysis and Discussion
Human Resource Management Practices in Sustainable Growth as Per Present Scenario
Employee Satisfaction, Turnover and Organizational Growth
Internal Factors Related to Employee Satisfaction and Their Turnover
Motivation Factor in Employee Satisfaction and Its Turnover
Human Resource Management Practice and Enhancing Employee Satisfaction Within the UK Retailing Sector

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Dissertation Summary
Summary of Contribution
Research Limitations
Recommendations for the Organisations
Future Research



Employee Satisfaction and Turnover Dissertation
Employee Satisfaction and Turnover Dissertation

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