An Investigation into Factors that Impede Female Managers from Reaching Senior Management Positions within the Oil and Gas Sector (2022)

The aim of this dissertation is to investigate factors that hinder female managers from reaching senior management positions within the Oil and Gas Industry. Although the number of women in the workplace has increased, the existing gap and gender discrimination have not significantly minimized. It is still challenging for workplaces to acknowledge that women are no less capable than men when it comes to roles and responsibilities in the professional sphere. Gender discrimination poses a rising problem for business organizations across all sectors, and the oil and gas industry is no exception.

One of the main factors that restrict the advancement of women to senior management positions is the prevailing stereotypical thinking within the workplace culture. Another issue is the perception surrounding women’s ability to balance work-life and personal life priorities, which hampers their progress to top management positions.

The research adopts a positivism philosophy, a deductive approach, a descriptive design, and an interview research strategy. Five female managers in the oil and gas sector were selected as the sample size using a non-probability sampling technique. Primary data collection methods were employed, as this allowed for personal communication with female managers in the oil and gas sector, enabling the gathering of in-depth information about the factors that hinder their progress to senior positions. The interviews were analyzed quantitatively.

The analysis of the interviews indicates that female managers in the oil and gas sector are not given adequate opportunities to be selected for senior management positions. They faced instances during their employment when they were not promoted to managerial posts despite having the aptitude and merit.

Therefore, it is evident that while women have made tremendous gains in lower and middle management positions over the past 30 years, the representation of females in senior management positions remains relatively small. The major factors restricting women from obtaining senior management positions are gender roles, gender bias, prevailing stereotypical thinking, and lack of confidence. Consequently, women are often considered ineligible and overlooked for selection in senior management positions within the oil and gas sector.

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1 – Introduction
Problem Statement
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Dissertation Rationale
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Gender Discrimination at Work
Recruitment Policies Within the Oil and Gas Sector
Workplace Disparity Among Male and Female Employees
Factors That Restrict the Growth of Women at Work
Personal Life for Women
Male Dominated Workplace
Stereotypical Thinking
Lack of Trust in Terms of Women’s Ability
Role of Management in Promoting Female Inclusion at Senior Management Level
Current Trends of Female Managers in Oil and Gas Sector
Consequences of Not Providing Adequate Management Level Opportunities to Female Employees
Benefits of Including Females at Managerial Level
Policies for Promoting Workplace Equality

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Justification of Selecting Positivism Philosophy
Research Approach
Justification of Selecting Deductive Approach
Research Design
Justification of Selecting Descriptive Design
Justification for Selecting Interview Research Strategy
Sampling Technique and Sampling Size
Justification for Selecting Systematic Sampling Technique
Data Collection Technique
Justification for Selecting Primary Data Collection Technique
Data Analysis Technique
Ethical Considerations

4 – Data Analysis
Interview Output

5 – Discussion

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Linking with Objectives
Appropriate Execution of Policies and Legislations That Promotes Equality
Offering Adequate Benefits to Women
Future Research Scope


Interview Questions

Female Managers in Oil and Gas Sector Dissertation
Female Managers in Oil and Gas Sector Dissertation

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