An Investigation of the Role and Contribution of the Human Resources Department (2006)

Human Resources Department Contribution Dissertation – The development of the Human Resources (HR) function in organisations has been immense; however there are still individuals who perceive the department in traditional and historical terms. Previously, HR was well known to be as an ‘administrative’ domain; however research is continuously developing to indicate the function’s strategic involvement in the business. Therefore, this research investigates the contribution and role of the HR function at Solution 6 Ltd, from the perspectives of the Senior Management, HR managers and the Employees.

The company used in this research project is a world-leading supplier of software and services to professional services firms and their clients, and their HR department in the UK consists of 4 employees who deal with the European offices in addition. The research question was answered via the use of qualitative and quantitative methods. Two senior managers and two HR managers were interviewed, and the employees were asked to complete a questionnaire.

Questionnaires were returned over a period of 5 weeks, in which 50 employees had completed it. A likert scale approach was used in order to measure the strength of each statement, in order to be able to provide statistical data as evidence, as it was part of one of the objectives. At the Solution 6, the research evidence reveals that while employees and senior managers consider the HR function to be an important part of an organisation, managers in return only valued the department when it is not involved strategically in the company’s decisions.

Moreover, employees were in more frequent use with HR services, and managers would occasionally use the department for what they consider as ‘admin’ purposes only. However, statistical data revealed that 31 employees out of the 50 who completed the questionnaire, still considered HR function to act the role of administration. Of an organisation of the size of Solution 6, it was astonishing to find that senior managers still perceived the HR function in traditional terms. Their insight lacked in understanding that people are the main source of competitive advantage in an organisation and only HR will be able to provide such means, as HR is the backbone of any organisation.

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1: Introduction
Research Problem
Research Objectives
Company Background
Structure Of The Report

2: Literature Review
History of HR
Function of HR
Best Practices Models of HRM
Contingency Models of HRM
Multi-Stakeholders Perspective
Resource-Based Perspective Of The Link Between HRM and Organisational Performance
The Research Evidence

3: Primary Research
Research Problem
Research Methodology
Research Design
Design of the Interview Questions
Design of the Employee Questionnaire
Access To Solution 6
Ethical Issues
The Data
Future Recommendations

4: Results
Interview Results
Results From HR Interviews
Results From Senior Management Interviews
Questionnaire Results
Personal Opinion of HRM
HR Practices
Usage of HRM
Effectiveness of HRM
Likert Scale Rating

5: Analysis of Results
Personal Opinion of HR
The HR Practices
Usage of HR
Strategic Involvement of HR
Strength/Effectiveness of HR
Weakness of HR
Summary of Results

6: Conclusion
Future Recommendations




Human Resources Department Contribution Dissertation
Human Resources Department Contribution Dissertation

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