Work Commitment: Full-Time versus Part-Time Workers (2006)

Peripheral Workers and Work Commitment Dissertation – This dissertation focuses on the subject relating to commitment theories and how it applies to both peripheral workers as well as core workers within the hotel industry. The primary research question addressed in this dissertation is “Peripheral workers are as committed as core workers towards their workplace.” In order to progress further into this subject the following research questions have been designed:

  • Are peripheral workers as committed towards their workplace as core workers?
  • Does the amount of time spent working within the same establishment affect the level of commitment?
  • What would be the main factors that would commit a worker?

The methodology used in gaining the primary data included questionnaires designed with quantitative questions. This enabled the researcher to gather sufficient data to draw a conclusion. In order to limit the research to a concentrated area, the author chose to carry out this research amongst employees at four-star hotels within the Heathrow area. The findings were constructed by mainly cross-tabulate the response from different questions and calculate the mean, media and the model from the question that provided a Likert scale.

Standard deviation and the skew were also calculated to get a more accurate conclusion. The final findings were more or less supporting the theories argued in the literature review, except for the second research question where the final finding totally contradicted with the arguments used by most authors.

  • 13,000 words – 100 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • In-depth analysis
  • Outstanding piece of work
  • Ideal for HRM Students

1: Introduction
The research questions
The reason for choosing this topic
Background information about the topic

2: Literature review
Peripheral workers are as committed as core workers towards their workplace
Background information
Peripheral workers
Peripheral workers versus The UK market
Employee commitment
Psychological contract
Commitment versus Time
How skills affecting the level of commitment
Recruitment versus Commitment
Factors that are likely to increase motivation levels

3: Methodology
Secondary Data
Primary Data
Research method
Types of Data
Questionnaires versus Interviews
Questionnaire design
The delivery of the questionnaires
Research location
Reliability and Validity
Analyse of data
A critical analysis of the process used to collect the secondary and the primary data

4: Analysis and Findings
Analysis of findings
Research Question 1
Research Question 2
Research Question 3

5: Conclusion and Discussion
The findings related to the research question 1
The findings related to the research question 2
The findings related to the research question 3



Peripheral Workers and Work Commitment Dissertation
Peripheral Workers and Work Commitment Dissertation

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